P.S Love You Review

As most Bloggers now know Primark has released a new line of make up under the name P.S Love You, so while I was browsing the other day I thought why not add to my massive range of nail varnish's and picked up two new shades. One is for going out and the other a causal summer spring shade, they don't have names so I've gone for Shocking Pink and Sea Blue.

So the shocking pink shade is very pigmented is so bright and very shocking to the eye hence why it's my going out shade rather then a daily wear to work shade. It comes in a large pot with a larger handle which is helpful to apply the paint to nails, the brush however is very large meaning it goes everywhere when applying so I used a cotton pad to clean up after. The nail varnish lasted around 3 days before I needed to either re apply or remove.

The sea blue is more of a causal I wouldn't mind wearing out and about in daytime shade, it's quite a nice matte shade which goes on well with just one coat but I did add another one to see what it looked like. It lasted the same as the other shade around 3 days and the bottle/brush is the same so I needed to use a cotton pad with this one as well but it is a lovely shade.

They cost £1.50 each and in the range there is about 10-15 shades, as well as doing polishes they have mascara's, eyeliners, lip glosses and cases. It's a great affordable range and they have some lovely stuff, hopefully on my next haul/shopping trip I shall have some more goodies from the range!


  1. I've always wanted to try their nail polishes but I wasn't sure if they were pigmented enough. Lovely review! x beautyfabb.blogspot.com

  2. Sooo cute!