MAC Morange

Oh what's this another MAC lipstick, sorry bank account =/ I could not resist this summer shade from MAC I've heard loads about it and wanted to give it a whirl myself. I got it from the Debenhams in Oxford for £15, from the oh so handy counter right by the door so you can just pop in and pop out, I blame bloggers and Debenhams for my new purchase!

Morange is from the Amplified section so the colour is a really pop colour, it is a lovely orange shade with some nice cool undertones. It lasts quite well on a night out and I also noticed it didn't dry out my lips like some off the other lipsticks from MAC.

I wore this on a night out and then once for a meal with my friends and I got compliments on both occasions, so I'm loving this shade for Spring and Summer and have a feeling I will be over wearing it for the next few months!

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  1. I've seen this around a few times, I want to try it as I really want an orange lipstick!
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