Lush Goody Bag Reviewed

Around two weeks ago I attended a Bloggers event in Oxford which ended with a trip into Lush to try out some products and to get some testers. When we got there they had some amazing rose lemonade and some rose cupcakes for us, as well as having loads of Rose's and flowers about which made the event really special, We also had a skin care consultation and a go at there colour wheel, I picked up three products to test out so I'll be reviewing them and I also received a colour wheel emotional brilliance cream eye shadow. All the products were free and testers and my review is my own words and my own opinions.

Emotional Brilliance Cream Eye Shadow - Focus
This was the shade I picked up on the colour wheel and so it was a nice surprise to see it in the bag, it simply means to stay on track. It's is such a nice grayish blue colour which shimmers as it's a sheen, the instructions on the bottle are Use as face make up but the lovely lady explained the best way to use it was to dab a small amount in the middle of my lid and blend out. At first it went terribly wrong but after a few more attempts I feel I have the hang off it! It may not be the best way or most creative way but I find it stays on well and lasts for a long time, as well as being highly pigmented it feels rather silky and soft which I love. To buy the product is cost £14.50.

Vanishing Cream
In my skin consultation the lovely lady asked me about my ideal skin cream and I pretty much was given what I described which was a fast absorbing floral scented cream which doesn't give you breakout, cue Vanishing Cream. This small sample I got lasted 5-7 days but in that time I was extremely impressed and happy with the results, the cream soaked into my skin leaving it nourished and happy but not sticky. After a week I had no breakouts and my skin felt healthy, it also has such an amazing lavender scent which I loved. For the full size tub it's £17.75 which is expensive but the product is rather good!

Ocean Salt and 9 To 5
I was asked to describe a perfect cleanser and scrub, I described my scrub as hard and gritty which really works into my skin and then my cleansers as really gentle and soft on my skin, I was given Ocean Salt which is a salt, coconut and lime scrub which I found really worked into my skin lifting all the dirt and dead skin and made my skin feel better and brighter. My cleansers is actually a cleanser milk which I was impressed with as it's extremely soothing and softening with almond oil and dove orchid. I was really impressed with both this products and will defiantly be purchasing the full sized pots which are £9.50 and £13.25.

Jackie Oates 
As my skin is super pale in the winter/spring I asked about there lightest foundation and was given a sample of the Jackie Oates foundation. This foundation is off a lovely creamy texture with a nice oat smell but it came out as very light coverage on my skin which was almost a nude coverage, but after a few coats I was able to build up to a medium coverage which lasted for around 4 hours before I felt the need to re apply. I was to overjoyed with this product it did match my skin tone but for £8.95 I would be after a full coverage foundation.

Rose Bubble Bar
Lastly we were given a lovely bubble bar from there mothers day range, the bar costs £2.95 which is a bargain! It's fragrance is the same as the Amandopondo bubble bar with Turkish rose to help soothe and relax which is certainly did for me. I love how it created quite a few bubble and left my water with a nice pink tint, the scent was lovely and very relaxing.

Full Of Grace Serum
This serum is absolutely fab! I love how creamy it goes and how easy it is to use, I'm surprised it took me so long to discover it. It costs only £8.25 and the product last's for ages I've been using it since I got it three weeks ago and it just hasn't gone done it looks the same as when I opened it!

So that's all the samples and freebies I got, I'm extremely thankful to all the Oxford Lush staff as the event was amazing and they put in a lot off effort.

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