Lush - Bunny Bubble Bar

This is one of those 'oh how can I use you!' products, I saw it in Lush and didn't even look at the price just put it in my basket and went for it. It's inspired by Alice In Wonderland and is a new release for the 2014 Easter range, it also smells like the lovely Creamy Candy Bubble Bar which is one of my favorites.

I felt awful crumbling him under the water but it turned my bath into such a nice pastel shade of pink, there was a few bubbles not to many but enough to fill my bath. The scent was nice not to strong but it did linger on my skin which I loved, one surprise was blue cornflowers which were meant to float in your bath but mine kind of sunk to the bottom.

It had all the nice goodness each bubble bar has so it left my skin feeling soft and nourish, this little Bunny cost's £3.25 which is a good price for such a nice product!

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