Blogosphere Magazine

I'm always reading whether it be a book, a blog or a magazine so I was intrigued to see a bloggers magazine made for bloggers by bloggers. The magazine cost £4 and includes loads of articles including a interview and some brilliant helpful pages to help out with certain problems bloggers may come across. As it's made for all types of bloggers there is a Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, Fashion, Food and Photography sections as well as an agony aunt and in the spot life page.

The magazine includes an interview which issue 3 has the lovely Fleur De Force featured she talks all about blogging and vlogging and answers some great questions. This magazine is brilliant if you need any help and ideas on types of post to write or if you have lost some motivation, I enjoyed reading it to discovering new blogs to read. I also found the Google page extremely helpful.

To buy this magazine you can get it online here for £4 or for a eBook copy it's only £3.


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  2. I have been meaning to get this magazine for ages now as I just love how it covers lots of articles and for only £4 :) thanks for the lovely post xx
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