#BloggersWLW Week Twelve

So sorry I missed last weeks post but I was so busy that I completely forgot! But today's post is a weigh in and I'll be letting you know about my new diet plan! So here's last months stats:

Weight 26th February - 14 Stone 4lbs (200 pounds)
BMI 26th February - 36.5
Dress Size 26th February - 18

This last month has been a bit harder as I've been so busy that I've slipped up a few times but I've done okish!

Weight 2nd March - 14 Stone (196 pounds)
BMI 2nd March - 35.8
Dress Size 2nd March - 18

So for this month I've already started a new diet plan which is the Bootea cleanse which will last for another week, I've already seen some great changes and am looking forward for a mid month cheeky weigh in to let you know the results!

My goals for the next month are -

  • To complete the Bootea cleanse 
  • To stop eating out
  • To cut out milk from my cups of tea

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