Wednesday, 9 April 2014

#BloggersWLW Week Thirteen

Welcome to week thirteen! This week I'll be telling you all about the Bootea cleanse I've just completed, there's a lot of hate going around for this latest trend which is one of the reasons I brought it as I wanted to test it out to see if it worked. It's cost £19.99 for a two week cleanse from Holland and Barrett you can also do a 28 days cleanse although you need to buy his online at £37 with £5 p&p or wait for Holland and Barrett to do there buy one get one half price and pick up two packs of the 2 week cleanse!

So what is the Bootea cleanse - You basically drink a cup of tea every morning which provides extra energy, burn's fat and calories and suppresses your appetite. The drink tastes odd at first as its a green tea so it may taste odd to begin with but after a while you get use to it. Then every other day you have a cup of tea in the evening just before bed which contains a laxative to help cleanse. You can sweeten your drink as well as having it cold if you don't want a hot drink.

Does it work - Yes! I was extremely happy with how it worked and how well I lost the weight, it filled me up in the morning and help me to not over eat as well as not giving me hunger pains. I also managed to lose a grand total of 6 pounds on the two week diet!

I would 100% recommend this diet and would have no hesitation to complete another cleanse with the same company. If you have completely the two week cleanse let me know!

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