#BloggersWLW April Weigh In

This month has been a little bit harder then the last few months as I had my sister's hen do and my sister's wedding meaning I had some awful diet days but I did try to stick to my plan and attempt to do some more exercise.

Weight 2nd April - 14 Stone (196 pounds)
BMI 2nd April - 35.8
Dress Size 2nd April - 18

The difference isn't to big but I am now under 14 stone which I'm really happy with!

Weight 30th April - 13 Stone 11 Ibs (193 pounds)
BMI 30th April -  35.2
Dress Size 30th April - 18

Glossybox April 2014 - Sweet Treats

This month's box is a nice get ready for summer box with some Easter Treats to spoil us with, I got two full sized, a travel sized and two mini's which is good for only £10 a month!

Emite Make Up Lip Brush
I've never used a lip brush before so I was happy to get one as the brush is £17 I'm excepting wonders to be honest as I would never pay £17 for a make up brush. The brush is made from synthetic taklon hair making it easy to clean as well as being allergy free.

Monu Spa Warming Ginger Massage and Body Oil
A brand I love and a product I'm yet to try out, to use this product you can add a few drops into the bath or massage onto your body. I like the idea of adding it to my bath and I'm hoping my skin will be luxuriously smooth as it states. It costs £25 which is a bit pricey for an oil.

MeMeMe Cosmetics Beat The Blues - Pearl Pink
I love how this products sounds and I'm excited to try it out, all you need to do in dot onto cheekbones or brow arches to create a natural dewy glow or you can mix into your foundation to create a subtle shimmer which sounds nice. At only £5.50 this is a perfect product.

TRESemme Instant Refresh Cleansing Dry Shampoo
I can't wait to try this little product out and as I'm off to Brighton soon it will be perfect for the beach as my hair always needs a refresh after being by the sea! It absorbs the oil and revives your hair while adding a touch of volume. It's only £4.99 for the full size bottle.

SunSense UK Daily Face SPF 50+
This was the product I was a little bit meh about purely because it's a once opened it must be used up product meaning I can only get one use out of a product you only need a teaspoon off to use =/ thanks to the twist off top! It's basically a sun screen you put under your make up which is lightly tinted and cost's £20.99 which is rather good for a sun screen.

I loved this month's box and am still enjoying Glossybox's, I know there's a lot of hate for the company but for £10 a month you get some amazing products that I'm grateful for!

Blogosphere Magazine

I'm always reading whether it be a book, a blog or a magazine so I was intrigued to see a bloggers magazine made for bloggers by bloggers. The magazine cost £4 and includes loads of articles including a interview and some brilliant helpful pages to help out with certain problems bloggers may come across. As it's made for all types of bloggers there is a Lifestyle, Travel, Beauty, Fashion, Food and Photography sections as well as an agony aunt and in the spot life page.

The magazine includes an interview which issue 3 has the lovely Fleur De Force featured she talks all about blogging and vlogging and answers some great questions. This magazine is brilliant if you need any help and ideas on types of post to write or if you have lost some motivation, I enjoyed reading it to discovering new blogs to read. I also found the Google page extremely helpful.

To buy this magazine you can get it online here for £4 or for a eBook copy it's only £3.

#OxMeet The Blogger Programme Bag

It's been nearly a month since #OxMeet but last week I was sent an adorable shopper for the meet up, it's a simple but cute design.

I love shoppers but I'm very picky when it comes to mine as i'm always fussing over the length of the handles but The Blogger Programme have got it spot on as the handles are not to long and not to short so it's perfect for when your out and about. The design is simple yet eye catching which is good and the quality of the bag is great.

I would like to thank the lovely people at The Blogger Programme for sending the bag and I would like to thank +Adrienne Third for forwarding the bag onto all the lovely bloggers who attended #OxMeet!

Lush - Mumkin Review

I adored the little pumpkin that was brought out over Halloween in Lush so I was super excited to see a pink version called Mumkin, it was part of the spring mothers day range and cost £2.95 which is a great little bargain for Lush!

The scent is raspberries which is a nice fruity uplifting scent which reminds me of spring, it turned my bath water a nice pink and had quite a few bubbles. There was also some adorable chocolate drop eyes and a candy leaf, which is a nice extra.

This bubble bar is just adorable and if you gave it to your mother on mother's day she was very lucky, I'll be very happy if they bring back Pumpkin and Mumkin next year!

Bake Your Own Boyfriend*

I do love a good cookie and when they come in the perfect shape of a boyfriend one who doesn't talk back and taste as good as it looks what could I complain about! I contacted a lovely lady who kindly sent me a cookie cutter to review, as it arrived on time for my sister's hen do it was the perfect little treat.

The cutter is made with flexible plastic meaning it's easy to clean and fits nicely over the dough to create the perfect shape, I also found getting dough stuck into any corners it was easy to remove and didn't effect making cookies. On the back of the pack was a easy to follow and simple recipe which creates lovely tasting cookies, you can also accessorize your man by adding using icing sugar to create underwear or adding some glitter, I opted for a hen do icing paper sticker.

The cutter is perfect for a hen do or a girly night in, the girls on my sisters hen do were really impressed and loved the design. It was really easy to use and easy to clean after which really impressed me!

*I was sent this product to review but all the opinion's are my own. 

P.S Love You Review

As most Bloggers now know Primark has released a new line of make up under the name P.S Love You, so while I was browsing the other day I thought why not add to my massive range of nail varnish's and picked up two new shades. One is for going out and the other a causal summer spring shade, they don't have names so I've gone for Shocking Pink and Sea Blue.

So the shocking pink shade is very pigmented is so bright and very shocking to the eye hence why it's my going out shade rather then a daily wear to work shade. It comes in a large pot with a larger handle which is helpful to apply the paint to nails, the brush however is very large meaning it goes everywhere when applying so I used a cotton pad to clean up after. The nail varnish lasted around 3 days before I needed to either re apply or remove.

The sea blue is more of a causal I wouldn't mind wearing out and about in daytime shade, it's quite a nice matte shade which goes on well with just one coat but I did add another one to see what it looked like. It lasted the same as the other shade around 3 days and the bottle/brush is the same so I needed to use a cotton pad with this one as well but it is a lovely shade.

They cost £1.50 each and in the range there is about 10-15 shades, as well as doing polishes they have mascara's, eyeliners, lip glosses and cases. It's a great affordable range and they have some lovely stuff, hopefully on my next haul/shopping trip I shall have some more goodies from the range!

You can call me mother hen!

I had the amazingly scary task of planning my sisters hen do yesterday and I must say it was rather fun but super stressful! There's a bit more planning and a bit more money involved then I thought there would be and dealing with my picky sister was not to pleasant either!

We started the night at home were I had made goody bags with the classic willy straws, shot glasses, badges, sweets and a sache in. I also decorate the living room with balloons and laid out a table with some nibbles and the most important thing some alcohol. It was really fun and a great way for everyone to meet in a more comfortable environment.

We then went out for a meal at Chen's Cottage a great Chinese restaurant who have amazing customer service, the restaurant in the only one my lactose intolerant sister can eat at as they are the only ones who listen when we say no milk products! We then headed off to some bars and had a few drinks and lots of shots.

It was a great night and I'm glad it went as smooth as possible and everyone seemed to enjoy it all!

Lush - Bunny Bubble Bar

This is one of those 'oh how can I use you!' products, I saw it in Lush and didn't even look at the price just put it in my basket and went for it. It's inspired by Alice In Wonderland and is a new release for the 2014 Easter range, it also smells like the lovely Creamy Candy Bubble Bar which is one of my favorites.

I felt awful crumbling him under the water but it turned my bath into such a nice pastel shade of pink, there was a few bubbles not to many but enough to fill my bath. The scent was nice not to strong but it did linger on my skin which I loved, one surprise was blue cornflowers which were meant to float in your bath but mine kind of sunk to the bottom.

It had all the nice goodness each bubble bar has so it left my skin feeling soft and nourish, this little Bunny cost's £3.25 which is a good price for such a nice product!

MAC Morange

Oh what's this another MAC lipstick, sorry bank account =/ I could not resist this summer shade from MAC I've heard loads about it and wanted to give it a whirl myself. I got it from the Debenhams in Oxford for £15, from the oh so handy counter right by the door so you can just pop in and pop out, I blame bloggers and Debenhams for my new purchase!

Morange is from the Amplified section so the colour is a really pop colour, it is a lovely orange shade with some nice cool undertones. It lasts quite well on a night out and I also noticed it didn't dry out my lips like some off the other lipsticks from MAC.

I wore this on a night out and then once for a meal with my friends and I got compliments on both occasions, so I'm loving this shade for Spring and Summer and have a feeling I will be over wearing it for the next few months!

The Body Shop Marshmallow Blusher

I'm a massive fan off The Body Shop blushers as there make up range is quite small and manageable it's easy to make a decision and also quite dangerous as you can come out of the store with loads! I picked up a new blusher which is a shade lighter then my favorite shade bubblegum, as summer is on it's way I needed a lighter shade then my current one so it didn't stand out to much on my face so I went for Marshmallow!

It comes in a cute handy sized pot with a clear lid there 4g of product and it cost's £8 to buy, there's only 7 shades to chose from! I found it was really easy to blend and it had a really nice build able coverage which didn't fade or lose it's colour throughout the day.

I also love the fact The Body Shop sell animal cruelty free products and they have some great ingredients in there make up, in my new blushers there's added vitamin e and marula oil. It's an all round great product and I'm sure soon enough I'll have all 7 shades from the collection!

Lush Goody Bag Reviewed

Around two weeks ago I attended a Bloggers event in Oxford which ended with a trip into Lush to try out some products and to get some testers. When we got there they had some amazing rose lemonade and some rose cupcakes for us, as well as having loads of Rose's and flowers about which made the event really special, We also had a skin care consultation and a go at there colour wheel, I picked up three products to test out so I'll be reviewing them and I also received a colour wheel emotional brilliance cream eye shadow. All the products were free and testers and my review is my own words and my own opinions.

Emotional Brilliance Cream Eye Shadow - Focus
This was the shade I picked up on the colour wheel and so it was a nice surprise to see it in the bag, it simply means to stay on track. It's is such a nice grayish blue colour which shimmers as it's a sheen, the instructions on the bottle are Use as face make up but the lovely lady explained the best way to use it was to dab a small amount in the middle of my lid and blend out. At first it went terribly wrong but after a few more attempts I feel I have the hang off it! It may not be the best way or most creative way but I find it stays on well and lasts for a long time, as well as being highly pigmented it feels rather silky and soft which I love. To buy the product is cost £14.50.

Vanishing Cream
In my skin consultation the lovely lady asked me about my ideal skin cream and I pretty much was given what I described which was a fast absorbing floral scented cream which doesn't give you breakout, cue Vanishing Cream. This small sample I got lasted 5-7 days but in that time I was extremely impressed and happy with the results, the cream soaked into my skin leaving it nourished and happy but not sticky. After a week I had no breakouts and my skin felt healthy, it also has such an amazing lavender scent which I loved. For the full size tub it's £17.75 which is expensive but the product is rather good!

Ocean Salt and 9 To 5
I was asked to describe a perfect cleanser and scrub, I described my scrub as hard and gritty which really works into my skin and then my cleansers as really gentle and soft on my skin, I was given Ocean Salt which is a salt, coconut and lime scrub which I found really worked into my skin lifting all the dirt and dead skin and made my skin feel better and brighter. My cleansers is actually a cleanser milk which I was impressed with as it's extremely soothing and softening with almond oil and dove orchid. I was really impressed with both this products and will defiantly be purchasing the full sized pots which are £9.50 and £13.25.

Jackie Oates 
As my skin is super pale in the winter/spring I asked about there lightest foundation and was given a sample of the Jackie Oates foundation. This foundation is off a lovely creamy texture with a nice oat smell but it came out as very light coverage on my skin which was almost a nude coverage, but after a few coats I was able to build up to a medium coverage which lasted for around 4 hours before I felt the need to re apply. I was to overjoyed with this product it did match my skin tone but for £8.95 I would be after a full coverage foundation.

Rose Bubble Bar
Lastly we were given a lovely bubble bar from there mothers day range, the bar costs £2.95 which is a bargain! It's fragrance is the same as the Amandopondo bubble bar with Turkish rose to help soothe and relax which is certainly did for me. I love how it created quite a few bubble and left my water with a nice pink tint, the scent was lovely and very relaxing.

Full Of Grace Serum
This serum is absolutely fab! I love how creamy it goes and how easy it is to use, I'm surprised it took me so long to discover it. It costs only £8.25 and the product last's for ages I've been using it since I got it three weeks ago and it just hasn't gone done it looks the same as when I opened it!

So that's all the samples and freebies I got, I'm extremely thankful to all the Oxford Lush staff as the event was amazing and they put in a lot off effort.

#BloggersWLW Week Thirteen

Welcome to week thirteen! This week I'll be telling you all about the Bootea cleanse I've just completed, there's a lot of hate going around for this latest trend which is one of the reasons I brought it as I wanted to test it out to see if it worked. It's cost £19.99 for a two week cleanse from Holland and Barrett you can also do a 28 days cleanse although you need to buy his online at £37 with £5 p&p or wait for Holland and Barrett to do there buy one get one half price and pick up two packs of the 2 week cleanse!

So what is the Bootea cleanse - You basically drink a cup of tea every morning which provides extra energy, burn's fat and calories and suppresses your appetite. The drink tastes odd at first as its a green tea so it may taste odd to begin with but after a while you get use to it. Then every other day you have a cup of tea in the evening just before bed which contains a laxative to help cleanse. You can sweeten your drink as well as having it cold if you don't want a hot drink.

Does it work - Yes! I was extremely happy with how it worked and how well I lost the weight, it filled me up in the morning and help me to not over eat as well as not giving me hunger pains. I also managed to lose a grand total of 6 pounds on the two week diet!

I would 100% recommend this diet and would have no hesitation to complete another cleanse with the same company. If you have completely the two week cleanse let me know!

Topshop Easy Peasy Nails in Shade Grey

I was given this little pot of nail varnish at the recent #OxMeet in Oxford. I was happy to finally get to try out some Topshop Make Up as my local one was shut down around 2 years ago and my next nearest Topshop doesn't have a great range of make up products in store. The nail varnish cost £6 and comes in an adorable pot with a white and grey spot lid which I love.

It boasts about being a fast drying, extra long wear with lasting smooth matte finish and perfect coverage. A statement I would 100% agree with, it went on really well as it has a small brush and a long easy to hold handle, it also had a lovely matte finish which looked lovely for a daytime nail varnish. But the one thing I was so surprised about and really happy with was how long it lasted, I must have had it on my nails for around 10 days and I had no chips and didn't need to re apply I was so shocked.

This was after 10 days wear! 

Topshop have a large range on there website but I would love to pick up some bits from in store so if you know any where that has a large make up section please let me know!

My Very First Birch Box

At the recent #OxMeet in Oxford included in the goody bag was a Birch Box a company I have heard loads about but never quite got round to ordering a box from. The box I received was the March design which was from Lulu Guinness included was a cute Life Lessons guide, it was a black and white theme as well as being a get ready for spring theme! I was given this box to review for free, all my comments and opinions are my own.

Benefit Stay Don't Stray - £20.50
I've heard about under eye primers but I'm yet to try any out so I was excited to get a Benefit one as they are such a well known and loved brand. I got light/medium which was a tiny bit to dark but I was able to blend it to make it work, it goes on well and it's really easy to use as well as lasting all day. I was really impressed with this product and would defiantly re purchase it.

Dr.Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner - £39
A brand I've never heard of before and a product I'm not sure I've seen before either so I was really intrigued and happy to test it out. It has an odd scent and comes out coloured but once applied to the skin goes sheer which was odd. I've used it for around a week now and I'm not sure if I like it or not, I wouldn't say it has improved my skin but I didn't have large pores to start with.

Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish - £7.99
A brand I know and love so I was excited to see this lovely product, I've used it before and really liked it so this handy travel size will come in handy for holidays. I found it really brighten up and cleared my skin last time I used it, as well as having such a nice scent it's also a vegan friendly brand with affordable products.

Korres Citrus Body Milk - £9.50
I used this product all last week after showering and once in a pamper night and have fallen in love! It such a nice sweet subtle citrus scent and is so calming on the skin, it also left me feeling soft and nourished I really can't fault this product as it's also affordable as well!

English Laundry No.7 For Her - £47
This sample is such a nice summery spring scent and comes in a lovely handy travel sized sample tube with a lid, yay!  I used it a few times last week and got some nice compliments, it has a nice fresh floral scent and lasts all day without fading. The full size product is £47 which is a bit out of my perfume price range but if I did see it cheaper anywhere I would 100% re purchase.

I also got a black and white stick off rock which isn't in the photo as I may of eaten it!

Glossybox Wedding Edition

So pretty soon in 3 weeks to be exact my lovely sister is getting married so I wanted to get her a beauty gift as well as a home and as well as a sister gift! So I opted for Glossybox wedding edition which she has happily said I can do a post about. I won't be testing the products but we can have a mooch together at what goodies my sister will be trying out.

The design off the box is a lovely pastel pink floral which comes in a cream box rather then the pink, it also has a booklet letting you know what you have as well as a lovely message from Glossybox and the quote 'Women are meant to be loved, Not to be understood' by Oscar Wilde. In the box it has 6 products 5 off which are full size and one of them being a mini.

Beauty Bird - Yes, I do!
The gorgeous apricot rose polish is a clean and modest nail polish which is perfect for any bride or bridesmaid. If applied in one coat you get a subtle hint of colour or if applied in two/three coat you get a more opacity shade. It's cost's £10.30 for a 10ml pot.

Becca - Shimmering Skin Perfecter
This is a perfect inner glow product for the wedding day, you can mix it up to create an illuminating foundation to give a nice glow or a highlighter for cheeks and brows. You can also create a primer for under the foundation, it's pretty much the go to product for the big day. It's cost's £33.00 for 50ml.

Bellapierre - Volumizing Mascara
From a company I've been hearing loads about there's a mascara, which creates a thicker and fuller lash which is also long lasting. I've used a few off there products in the past so I feel this will be probably the best product in the box for any bride. It's £19.99 for 9ml.

ModelCo - Lip Duo
A perfect hand bag sized products for all brides this should be a must product! It has a lovely honey shade long lasting lipstick and a high shine gloss to create the perfect wedding lip. For touch up's the product has a large mirror on the side. It's only £26.00 for this fantastic product.

Naobay - Moisturizing Facial Peeling 
A great product for prepping the skin for the big day, it has some great ingredients like Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Almond Oil and Gotu Kola Extract. It's a soft milky facial peel that won't damage your skin but instead will make it look bright and youthful, it's only £17.75 a brilliant price for such a high end product.

NYX - One Night In Morocco
A perfect palette with loads in, there some great matte eye shadows and some nice blushers sets, it's only £15.00 for this palette which is handbag sized and has a great selection of make up products.

Lastly there were some adorable bows to clip onto the front off shoes, it doesn't have the price of them but they would look lovely on the front off some wedding shoes!

Crabtree and Evelyn #OxMeet

On Sunday 23rd March I was lucky enough to attend the #OxMeet in Oxford and one of the stores we visited was Crabtree and Evelyn which do some great skincare and beauty products as well as teas and biscuits. It was my first visit there and I can happily say they have a new customer as they were lovely and all there products are affordable. I received a goody bag which was free but all my opinions are my own.

We started with a browse around the store looking at all the product and we were able to ask any questions about the products or any health and beauty questions. We were also able to have a manicure if we wanted they also have a great offer on there polishes which was two for £6 if you hurry it may still be going! I was really impressed with how nice they were and also at the range they have, I love there hand creams and they also have such a nice range of teas and biscuits.

In the goody bag I had a sample of the Pear and Pink Magnolia body lotion which had a lovely scent it sunk in well and didn't leave my skin to sticky. I also got a Iris hand therapy lotion which has a nice floral scent and also comes in a handy purse sized tube, I found it left my hands really soft and the scent seemed to last a good few hours which I really liked. I also got two perfumes samples ones which was the Pear and Pink Magnolia and the other one being the Lavender one, they are such a nice scent and seem to last on my skin for ages so I liked them a lot.