Soap and Glory Daily Facial Moisture Lotion

After loving serums for the last few months I have gone back to moisturising my face as I felt the only good thing about a serum was it was keeping my make up on but my face however was suffering as it wasn't getting it twice daily moisture which it was hating me for!

The one I use daily under my make up is the Soap and Glory Amazing Everyday Facial Moisture Lotion with sun trigger antioxidant vitamin balls! (phew bit of a mouthful!) not only does it have all of that but it's also spf 25. I love this moisturiser as it help protect my skin against wrinkles, sun spots and dryness. I love how it goes on my face and settles nicely after around five minutes, it also doesn't affect my make up so I can apply it over the top with no worries. I also find it holds my make up on just as well as a serum would which I was highly impressed with, the scent is lovely as it's quite a nice mild floral scent which I love.

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