Right Guard Deo for Women

A bit of a different post but today I thought I would review a Deodorant, I've had problems in the past with deo's and am always weary of trying out new ones as my armpits are super sensitive and if I use the wrong product it causes a reaction so bad I'm left in pain for around 2 weeks. So for me finding the right deodorant is almost a beauty priority, I came across Right Guard and thought I would give it ago after another beauty blogger had review it.

It boasts to have 72 hour protection, tackles wetness and protects against white, yellow and oily stains. I would say after using it for around 2 months that the statements are quite correct and I've experience so problems of major concern with this deo. It has a nice neutral scent and isn't to strong and overpowering, I did however find it seemed to take ages to soak in so I was left in just my bra for around 30 minutes or so on quite a number of occasions!

I would 100% recommend this product and as it's available in most low cost stores like Savers and Body Care it costs around £1-£2 which is great for a product that works so well.

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