OPI Nail Lacquer Super Bass Shatter Review

I was given this product in my Secret Santa box this year and am pleasantly surprised with how well it worked and the end results. I was at first stuck with what polish to place under the purple so I had a mooch online and saw that people were using a pink so I went for my Barry M Bright Pink and also used my Orly Base coat as I would be applying quite a lot on my nails so I wanted to keep my nails nice and protected.

So I painted my nails and waited for them to dry and then painted them with the Opi nail varnish which at first looked like normal nail varnish and then began to crack and create a shattered effect on my nails. It looks great and works really well over the pink, it also reminds me off mini eggs the design you sometimes get on the eggs!

The paint lasted around 2-3 days on my nails so it wasn't a great formulation but if I use a top coat next time I'm sure I can push it to 4-5 days. The price was £10.95 but as this is from the Nicki Minaj range and they no longer stock it you can find the range now on Amazon and Ebay at £3.95.

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