Montagne Jennesse Tea Tree Face Mask

I'm a massive fan of face masks and always have loads around my room but I recently picked up a face mask from the company Montagne Jennesse who I haven't heard much about but I thought I would give there fabric mask ago. It isn't like a normal tube mask which you have to rub onto your face this one is a fabric one which you place over your face and after 5-10 minutes then you rubbed onto your skin, peel it off and rinse and your good to go!

I picked up the tea tree one as I have problems with spots and wanted to see if it would clear my skin at all, the first thing I had trouble with was opening the packet as I was already in the bath and thought it was a simple tear packet but found out it wasn't so I had big trouble getting into the damn thing! But after I had finally tore it open and pulled the mask out I was excited to put it on my face which I had no trouble with but after around 30 seconds my skin began to feel odd and almost like it was burning so I managed to last around 3 minutes before ripping the mask off  (don't worry I still managed to get a photo!)

So I'm not sure if it was meant to be a harsh mask but my skin did not like it at all! I have got another mask from the range but it's the Dead Sea Face Spa so hopefully it will be a little less harsh and I will enjoy it more, for 89p you can find the masks in Savers.

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