Easy to Bake Cupcakes!

I'm a massive baker and love to cook for myself and sometimes even others, one of my favorite things to bake is cakes and biscuits and thought I would share with you my easy cupcake recipe and some tips on how to make the best kind of cupcakes.

You will need Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Butter, Baking Powder and Vanilla Essence. Two bowls, Cupcake Tray, Scales and a cooling rack. Don't worry if you don't have things like Baking Powder and Vanilla Essence or if you don't have a cooling rack!

Preheat oven at gas mark 4, 180 C
Step One - Measure out 100 grams of Flour, Sugar and Butter
Step Two - Mix the butter and sugar together to create an ice cream textured mix - take your butter out the fridge for an hour before baking to soften it

Step Three - Add half a teaspoon of Baking Powder and two cap fulls of Vanilla essence ( you don't need to add these so don't worry if you don't have them!) Add one egg and mix

Step Four - add half a bowl of flour and fold into mix, add second half and fold - don't mix the flour it will go everywhere and create a mess, you must fold it in

At this point you can add any ingredients that you want to include for example chocolate chips or raisins and then stir mix to make sure it's evenly spread throughout the mix

Next add an even amount of mixture into a cupcake tray and bake for 12-15 minutes until cakes are firm and are starting to brown!

Leave to cool for around 30 minutes and then get creative! I use icing sugar and sprinkles or chocolate drops and make my cakes look colorful and fun!

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