Dream Matte Mouse Review

This foundation has always been a hit and miss for me as I adore it in summer but tend to hate it in winter, as it's quite a thick product for summer it tends to stay on my face and won't budge but in winter it dries my skin out and cause such bad breakouts I can't bare it! So this is an odd review it's a welcome to my favorite/most hated product!

Packaging is great for this product it has a thick glass bottom and a twist top with the product name and brand name. It seems rather small and it may seem like you are paying out loads for such a small about of product but I always get 2-3 months worth of product from these little pots.

The foundation is a mouse which is a thick creamy foundation which I find easier to apply with my fingers as sponges don't spread it well and brushes leave quite thick brush marks.It has a matte effect so no shimmer or shine which makes it easy to apply lip and eye products without over doing it. When I apply my foundation in the morning it tends to last me around 4-6 hours before I need to top up my make up so it's not an all day foundation but as the pot is so small it's easy to re apply on the go.

The only problem for me as stated above is in the winter even with moisturiser or a serum it dries my skin out so bad that I will have massive breakouts. So for the summer as an alternative I will reach for this pot at only £7.69 from Boots and Superdrug, it comes in a fantastic range of shades.

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