#BloggersWLW Week Ten

Today's post is going to be all about my new love Weight Watchers, I've been on the diet for around a month now and love it as all the food is nice and I'm still losing weight. Stay tuned for my weigh in at the end of the month!

For me for breakfast I'm not a fan off a large full English or anything to sweet so I go for Belvita breakfast biscuits for 4 points and I have a cup of tea for half a point. I find it fills me up till lunchtime and it tastes yummy! If I do fancy something a bit more filling or larger I go for bacon and sausages all lean and unsmoked as they are one point each.

Lunch time is when if I'm at home I can get creative or if I'm on the go or at work I go for a sandwich and a bag of quavers as the bread is the same points no matter what you go for I can have white bread, some low fat weight watchers spread and some ham and salad this will be around 4 points and with the quavers I just add one and a half points. If I'm at home I will go for 60g of pasta which is 3 points and I can also add salt to flavor as it's 0 pointed!

Dinner time brings some lovely weight watchers meals all around 6-8 points my favorite being the broccoli and salmon melt which is rather delicious or the chicken curry another yummy meal!

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