#BloggersWLW Week Nine

It's been around two weeks of me being on Weight Watchers so I thought I would give you an update, to be honest I was worried I would gain rather then loss as the Slim Fast diet was so strict and I was pretty much on liquids but I was pleasantly surprised. A typical day for me is Tea and Brevita breakfast biscuits, a sandwich and quavers and a weight watchers meal, after all of that I still have points left for a treat in the evening.

After two weeks I decided to weigh myself and I was happy to see I've lost 4 pounds and I feel fuller then on Slim Fast as well as still being able to have treats and all the yummy food I love! I know have a good reason to lose weight as on the 25th April i'm bridesmaid for my sisters wedding, we have picked the dresses and mine fits but its very snug so by April I want the dress to be a bit loose so I need to lose around another 5-10 pounds!

How have you all done this week? Let me know!

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