#BloggersWLW Week Eleven

Today's post is all about eating out a daunting experience for anyone on a diet but I've found a few restaurants which do a great range of food but also have the calories to help you out!

Yes you heard right I'm promoting McDonald's on a weight lose post! If you go to the counter you need to simply take or ask for the sheet that's on your tray turn it over and hey presto all the food they served with all the nutrition information! I've found with Weight Watchers I can have a hamburger and small fries with a diet coke and still have points in the evening to have a snack.

Weather spoon's Pub
This pubs are fab as they have a great selection of affordable food and they have all the calories on all the items on the menu, including a healthy low cal selection all under 500 calories. I love going to these pubs as they have so many around the UK you can't go wrong.

Another great restaurant with loads of items all under 500 calories, if you ask nicely they will advise which selection to make to help you out on your diet. Last time I asked she gave me load calorie food which was super filling!

If your out and about and want a quick to go lunch I would suggest Boost the juice bar, I ordered one of there low calorie juice's and was really surprised as it filled me up till dinner time and was extremely healthy. It's all made in front of you and they use all natural ingredients as well as having a selection of super healthy low calorie drinks they also do some smoothies and ice creams.

They are my top picks but let me know of any restaurants I can visit to help me with my diet!

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