Barry M Mint Green

This is going to be a bad review so get yourself a cuppa tea at the ready! Barry M has always been a brilliant brand and I adore there other nail varnishes and other make up products I just can't get along with the mint green shade and overall product.

The shade comes out very light and I had to apply three coats before getting it to any sort of decent colour, I hardly ever apply three coats as it damages my nails so much so at first I was ready to take it off and just forget I had purchased it but I decided to give it a fair review so left it on. The varnish came out almost watery and didn't have to usual good texture of a Barry M varnish which was odd and maybe why the colour was so weak.

I had it on my nails for around three days before it had chipped quite bad and I had to remove it, I was quite shocked as after three coats surely it should of stayed on my nails for a little bit longer. I was just really unimpressed with this shade, I won't stop buying Barry M products as I usually get on really well with them I just won't be buying the Mint Green Varnish any time soon!

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