Barry M Limited Edition Glitter Polish

I picked up this lovely glitter polish from a car boot sale and adore it! It's a lovely silver glitter which when it hits a light goes red/green/yellow and every other colour it's a great find for only 50p. I put it on my nails without another colour underneath as I wanted to see how well it goes on as a top coat and it happened to look quite nice as just a single colour, so I painted all my other nails and wore it for around 10 days before removing.

I think it only lasted the 10 days as I couldn't really see any chips as it's a glitter I didn't really notice any, which is great. As it's a limited edition I'm not sure if its available from shops but it is worth having a look in boots its code is 335 as I know Barry M now have a great range of effect polish's out.

1 comment:

  1. I love glitter nail varnish, is just always a pain to get off!