What's in My Bag

I've seen a lot of video's and post's for the What's in My Bag and thought I would give it ago, I don't have a really expensive bag for my everyday use as I found the perfect one and size in Primark for around £10 and have been using it for around 6 months now. It looks quite small but it's rather large inside and has two handy straps a short version if you fancy holding it on your arms or a longer strap for over your shoulder, It also comes with a large zip up pocket to hold any small items.

In  my bag I have a purse again from Primark which is the same material and has the same gold features but it has a large bee on the front which I love. I also carry my gloves that I brought from H&M to stop my hands from getting to cold, and to keep myself organised I carry my Kimmidoll 2014 diary.

I have my phone and ipod to keep myself amuse if I'm travelling or waiting around, I also have my Nuxe Reve Di Miel Lip balm as winter hates my lips and always effects them badly so I need to carry around a good and powerful lip balm. I also have my house key with a few cute key chains on.

Lastly I have a roller ball perfume, a hair brush and a few hair products and my hand cream, these products are always in there as an emergency incase I forget my perfume or my hair goes wrong. The hand cream is there incase the one I use in the morning isn't strong enough and I get cracked hands.

So there we go I hope you enjoyed having a mooch through my hand bag!


  1. Really similar to what i carry. All the essentials :) x

  2. Your bag is really nice and those fox gloves are the cutest!! :)

  3. Cute bag and post :) I have similar items in mine, think I may do a similar post soon. xx

  4. Love the purse! xx