Time For Some New Glasses!

I've been wearing glasses since I was four years old and have always either had my glasses chosen for me or been very silly and gone for designer which are far to expensive. I was due a check up and decided to go with Boots Opticians rather than Specsavers and I'm extremely pleased with how well it went and extremely happy with my new glasses!

The design I went for is called Millie but I couldn't find it online, it's a really nice gothic flower design in a purple and pink frame. It also a bit different but I have gone for rimless at the bottom of the frame instead of a full frame, as I always go for red or black frames this is really different for me and I love the results.

Everyone says my face looks loads better and I look older which I really like, I also like how they sit on my face and how it makes me face almost look smaller! They cost me £180 for the frame and thinned glasses which is a great price for these lovely specs!

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