I love a good cup of tea, I'm pretty sure I have around 4-6 cups a day which can't be doing me any good but recently I have discovered a new brand which do healthy alternatives to tea. In the past I've gone for fruit flavored tea but while I was on a walk at a local garden centre in there cafe I spotted some fresh tea so I was straight over there prodding and pocking at all the packages before picking up a mint flavored packet.

The brand is called Teapigs, a brand run by Nick and Louise which was started in 2006, they have a fantastic website which helps you choose your teas and helps you select a package or single packets. You can select a sample pack which includes two sachets or a 15 pack which I selected in the store. Prices range from £1-£10 and the selection is quite big from Chocolate Flake to popcorn tea you can also go for mint and Everyday Brew.

They also have a great range of gifts and tea ware, for orders over £35 you get free postage and they also deliver internationally. I was really impressed with the website and was surprised that I hadn't come across it sooner!

Now for my tea review, the packaging for the tea bag is just like normal tea so just pop in into your cup and then leave to brew for 3 minutes before removing, a nice simple process. The tea was rich in flavour and had a lovely minty aftertaste, it made me feel refreshed and woke me up a bit which I really liked.

I would highly suggest this affordable brand for any tea lovers as it's just perfect!

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