Sephora Instant Moisture Face Mask Review

I was excited to see this product in the reduced section of the Sephora store and was eager to get home and try it out, I brought the item for 5 euros and asked the sale lady why is what reduced and she reassured me it wasn't because it was out of date!

The product comes in a pink and black shaker with four sachets of mask it's extremely easy to use with simple steps to follow. Step one is to add water to the fill line, step two is to add the mixture and shake until a smoothie like texture, step three turn shaker till mixture goes into lid and open, step four add to face and hands for 5 - 10 minutes and voila a simple face mask!

The only downside is the scent of the product is like soap a scent I really dislike it always smells cheap to me so I always have to go for a scented soap. The other downside was you need to shake the mixture for around 10 minutes which makes it hard to enjoy the product after you feel like you have just had a arm workout.

The mask did however refresh and brighten my face leaving it soft and moisturized. I added a night cream to take away the soap scent and did feel the benefits in the morning as my skin felt and looked really good!


  1. Great review, really need to try it out x

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