Lush Love Locket Review

A few days ago was Valentine's day and I decided to crack open my giant Love Locket bath bomb a lovely heart shaped locket which you have to unlock to reveal the secrets inside! By unlock it means crack open which surprisingly was really easy to do one little bash on the side and mine had cracked open, inside was a lovely little heart with some little red hearts on which was a super cute secret!

The scent was kind of like Think Pink and Snow Fairy which is citrus and jasmine mixed together, it also has some sensual oils in as well as some adorable little hearts which float in the bath. I found as it was quite large I was able to get three baths out of the bath bomb which really made up for the £6.95 price tag which if you think about it thats only £2.31 per bath which is a fantastic price!

I loved using this Valentines day Lush goodies, did you pick up and review any of there Valentines gifts?

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