Lush Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar Review

I know it's February and I'm reviewing a Christmas product! But I got this little guy in one of my sets and have only just been able to use him. He is rather adorable with his little orange nose and yellow hands but is his a tough little bubble bar with a lovely lemon olive scent, the scent is the same as the Olive Branch Shower Gel which I'm yet to try but the bubble bar kind of smelt lovely with a nice sweet scent.

I was going to halve my bar but due to storage problems I crumbled the whole thing in, there were a lot of bubbles with this bar and it create a nice blue shade of water. The bubbles were still going strong at the end of my bath and hadn't really gone down which surprised me as I was in the bath for a good 45 minutes, I notice with most bubble bars they die down after 30 minutes or so but this one was great.

It is only available at Christmas and is around the £3.50 mark,  I'm definitely going to re purchase this little man for Christmas 2014!

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