How I Style My Hair

On my recent giveaway I was asked to do a blog post on my hair and how I style it, I wouldn't say I know a lot about hairstyles as I tend to stick to either down with my fringe pinned back or up in a bun or high pony tail so this post isn't going to be amazing but it may help someone so I decided to do it!

To start with I wash and condition my hair with Aussie Miracle Moist and once a week I do a Aussie 3 minute miracle, I've been using this shampoo set for around 6 months now and can't fault it as I have very thick hair that gets greasy quickly this shampoo keeps it clean all day and helps with my tangles.

I then use my VO5 heat protection spray and a heat protection serum on the ends of my hair before blow drying, after blow drying I spray a small amount of hair spray to stop my hair from going static and then I decided on how to style my hair.

If I'm tying in back I brush my hair from the bottom and create the height in my ponytail , then I brush over the top of my hair to make it tidy and I also brush my parting back to make into the style as I don't like my parting showing. Then I either leave it tied back into a ponytail or I create a messy bun, I use cute hair bands and clips to style it, If I'm doing this style I will leave my fringe out.

If I'm style my hair down after blow drying I will straighten my hair using my very old GHD's, then I will either clip my hair to the side or I will create a beehive effect with my fringe using a back combing brush and hair spray then pinning it back.

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