#BloggersWLW Week Six

Trying to find the right meal is rather hard on a diet can be tricky but I have two books which recently have been lifesavers for my diet, I picked up a juices and smoothies book as well as being given a 100 calories cookbook. I've been using them the last month as a snack and dinner meal planner, as on Slim Fast you only need a dinner and three snacks during the day while you have two shakes.

The juices and smoothies book has been great as I brought a smoothie maker a while ago and have found so many good recipes. The only problem is they don't have calories so you may be having a juice thinking you are doing well when in actual fact I've just had 700 calories!
The book is easy to follow and has simple ingredients, it's from Waterstones and cost £5.99.

The 100 calories book is a fantastic find, it has breakfasts lunches and dinners as well as puddings. It has a lot of easy to follow recipes and easy to find ingredients. All meals are under or 100 calories so they are small but some are really filling and say if you want a 400 calories meal it's easy to double the ingredients or add your own stuff.
The book is from Marks and Spencer but as it was a gift I'm not sure on the price.

My smoothie machine is from Robert Dyers and is from there own range so only cost me around £10. It has a fun and easy to use tap on the front to pour out your smoothies and has several power settings. It's easy to use but quite tricky to clean with all it's pieces. I brought it around 6 months ago and it still works great almost like I brought it yesterday!

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