#BloggersWLW Week Seven

I've hit a bit of a problem within my diet and I thought I would share with you what has happened, For the last 2 months I've been following the Slim Fast diet and have been doing so well I've lost a stone in weight and have felt great but unfortunately last week I weigh myself and I had gain 2 pounds without changing the diet at all, I felt upset and dishearten but carried on as my stone weight lost last month was amazing and then I started to feel ill.

It began by me feeling sick after drinking the shakes just a bit nauseated but it wasn't to bad and then at work two days ago I had a shake and had to run to the toilets as I thought I was going to throw up. This happened yesterday and then last night I felt extremely bad and was sick a few times but it wasn't food it was pretty much liquid like the shakes.

Today I've stopped the Slim Fast diet and after being on it for 2 months I've lost 12 pounds which I think is good but due to the fact I can't even think about drinking a shake without wanting to throw up I'm going to be switching to Weight Watchers! I'm going to sign up to there website and attempt there diet, I've tried this diet a few years ago and lost 7 pounds before giving up so this time with my dedication I'll hopefully loss some more!


  1. congrats on the weight loss, I myself am trying to lose some weight. if the shake is making you sick its better if you stopped. but all in all great achievement on the weight loss you go girl !

  2. Good idea, I think WW will be great for you! You'll have to keep us updated Jess :)

    Jennifer www.BarelyThereBeauty.com | UK Beauty Blog


  3. I had exactly the same thing happen hun! I've always been quite comfortable doing Slim Fast & seen good results and then all of a sudden they made me feel really sick and gave me stomach cramps - I swapped to the meal bars for a little while to give my body some solid food for a while and that really helped. & now i try to mix it up a bit more if i do a Slim Fast stint...im a similar weight to you and have just started weight watchers as well so hopefully we can keep each other motivated <3