#BloggersWLW Week Five

Today's post I'm going to take you down memory lane to take a look through my weight in pictures, I've always been chubby and I've never been skinny even as a small child I was always quite adventurous and had almost a boy's body.

This photo was taken when I was on holiday and had started getting a belly and chunky legs, I was 13 in this photo and around a size 10-12 which is quite normal I think and my aim to to get back to this weight and back into a size 10.

This was me at my mum's wedding and I was a bridesmaid, at this point I was 16 years old and I was a size 16 so in three years I had gone up three dress sizes and was a lot larger then most of my family members. I was uncomfortable with my weight but instead of doing something about it I kept eating.

This is a photo of me on my 18th birthday, I had managed to stay at a size 16 but my clothes were getting to small and I was pushing a size 18. I was in deep depression and comfort eating which at this point my weight piled on.

And this is my latest photo a size 20 and 22 years old.

I hope this post was interesting, Have you lost much this week?

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