#BloggersWLW Week Eight

Today's post is all about Change4Life Smart Swap, there's a lot of adverts about the smart swap idea and on the recent half term my brother was given a leaflet to sign up for free so I decided to sign up my family to see what it was all about. It was nice and simple to sign up you enter a few detail such as your name and address then you are asked about how many family members there are and then a few marketing questions to tick and your good to go!

Around a week later we received our smart swap pack and I was rather shocked at how much you get for signing up for free, We got fridge magnets and a fridge smart swapper with loads of smart swap ideas and we also got some free vouchers to spend in most stores.

As well as all this we get weekly updates and weekly emails with even more smart swap ideas. I was really impressed with the idea and all the items will got, as well as it being free to sign up what more can you ask for! To sign up you can use the website Change4Life or look out for the yellow leaflets in most supermarkets!

Weight Update! This month I haven't lost to much as I had major problems following the Slim Fast diet and have only just switched to Weight Watchers 

Weight 29th January - 14 Stone 9lbs (205 pounds)
BMI 29th January - 38.2
Dress Size 29th January - Size 20

This month the only differnece I have notice is that my clothes are a little looser and I am fitting into all my old size 18 clothes which I think is great and I'm really happy about!

Weight 26th February - 14 Stone 4lbs (200 pounds)
BMI 26th February - 36.5
Dress Size 26th February - 18

My goals for the next month are - 
  • To follow the Weight Watchers plan and stick to my daily points
  • To do a two day juice/herbal tea detox 4 times this month
  • To up my exercise as i'm still pretty much a coach potato! 

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