Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash

This product was from the January Glossybox and I've been using if for around a month now, it's from the company Balance Me who do bath and body items as well as having a great range of face products. There prices range from £6+ and you can get minis to full size to gift sets so its an all round great range.

The Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash has an unusual scent almost like medicine it's a mix of Rose, Lavender and Aloe Vera which sounds really great but doesn't smell all that nice. I found once applied to the body however it seems to get nicer and smelt fresh. As it's a super toning body wash I tend to really work this product into my legs and tum, although I'm not to sure if its really made a difference yet!

I love some of the products Balance Me do especially there face range but the Super Toning Body Wash does nothing for me, I do however love how they are 99% Natural Origin so I will take a look at there full range of body washes to see if there is another one that catches my eye.

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