Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer

In my recent Glossy Box I received this Anatomicals product Wake Up under eye patches, which are jelly like patches that go under your eye to make them feel refreshed. I couldn't wait to try them as I always have days when my eyes feel all meh and could do with a pick me up, so as soon as I felt a bit meh I ripped open a packet and placed them underneath my eyes!

When I opened the packet a lot of the water came out as I thought it would so I opened it over the sink and was able to wash away most of it, the eye patches come on a tray which you slide out of the pink packet. The patches feel quite funny as they are like a slimy jelly feeling, I wasn't sure how well they would stick to my skin but they went on nicely and were easy to move but also stuck to my skin. They are unscented which is good as they are very close to your eyes.

The aim is to reduce dark circles, eliminate puffiness and help to prevent the signs of under eye aging. I only suffer with dark circles and puffiness as I'm only 22 and not sure if I need to worry about aging just yet! But the patches felt cold on my skin and almost tightening

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  1. It's always good to start using anti-aging products especially while you're young because it really does help the skin as it gets older. I'm only 24 and I use anti-aging under my eyes and it's really helped keep my skin looking as young as possible x