Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Puckers Review

I usually only ever buy or look at Soap and Glory's bath and shower range but I was given a Mother Pucker set at Christmas and was eager to try them out. I was extremely impressed with the three I got as well as loving the adorable tin they came in.

This one looks quite bright and almost has a glow in the dark look about it but once applied I was rather happy. It comes out as a light pink with a lovely gloss finish, it does have a sticky feel but it's not to bad. Over all I think this one is perfect for summer or day trips out.

As you can tell by the name this one is quite nude and almost sheer but it does have a nice caramel hint to it, I'm not to keen on nude lipsticks or gloss sticks but this once wasn't to bad and I found I could wear it for days or nights out quite easily.

Plum Jam
I adore the name for this gloss stick, it's a really nice deep autumnal shade with a lovely gloss finish. I found this once seemed to last longer then the other two and wasn't as sticky so it worked quite well as an evening out lip shade.

I would highly recommend this product as it's great value for money at £8, whereas one Mother Pucker on it's own comes in at £8 so while they're still available I would snap up the set!

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