Soap and Glory Eyes Box

In the Boots sale last month I was able to pick up a few Soap and Glory products I picked up the Powder Trip which I did a review on a few days back and I also picked up the Eyes Box for £8, it's a great little set which includes a best selling item and six eye shadows!

Including in the bos was:
Thick and Fast Super Volume Mascara
Smoulder Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner
6 Lid Stuff Eyeshadows Vanilla, Wild Blue, Smokin, Minky, Dandy Plum and Black Gold

The Smolder Kohl eyeliner I've owned before and thought it was a great product it went on well and stays on all day, the only thing I wasn't keen on was that it was black as I have really small almond eyes wearing black eyeliner just makes me eyes look extremely silly!

The Thick and Fast Mascara I used for the first time a few days ago at a meal out and loved what they did to my lashes. They made them really thick and added some layers into my lashes as well as having a large easy to use brush which helped a lot.

The eyeshadows were the main reason I brought the set it was the Vanilla and Black Gold that really made me interested in the box. They are a fantastic matte shade that go on my eyelids well and stay all day, I love how they look on my lids and how they feel they have a nice silky feeling which I adored. The other four shades are great for going out I was really intrigued to try Wild Blue and was not let down its a great light sparkly blue colour which look great on my almond shaped eyes.

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