Paris - What I Brought

Of course visiting Paris I was going to go shopping! I went to a few stores H&M, Sephora and the pharmacies being the ones I brought the most from and so here is what I brought:

Sephora Instant Moisture Mask - 5 euros
MAC Disc Sponges - 6 euros
Sephora Nail Effect  - 3 euros each
H&M Pink Macaroon Body Butter 3.95 euros
Makeup Brush Cleaner - 6.20 euros

Bioderma Wipes 
Bioderma bottle - 9.30 euros
Bioderma mini - 3.00 Euros
Essie lilacism and jam n jelly - 6 euros each
H&M hair bands - 3.95 euros

Sephora Gloss - 2 euros
Sephora bath hearts - 3.50 euros
Nuxe Reve De Miel
Bumble and Bumble thickening spray - 9 euros
Love Keychain - 2.95 euros

As well as picking all that up I brought a bottle of Bioderma and a Nuxe Reve de Miel to giveaway on my blog! To win these items please click the link above on my header!

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