Oxford Shopping Haul

It has been one long month of January so when pay day came calling I was extremely happy to go spend some well earned money. I went to my favorite shopping area which is Oxford and picked up some bit's from Primark, Lush and Evolution, it's only a little haul but here go's!

They have started there valentines day range already in Lush so the first item's I checked out were a few massage bars, a lip tint and a shower gel but I settled on a bath bomb instead Love Locket which cost £6.95 which is expensive for a bath bomb but this one is huge!
I then had a look at there bubble bars and came away with one I have never tried before as the scent always put me off Amandopondo which is a great price of £2.75, the scent is quite a musky scent and I much prefer fruity girly scents but I decided to give this little bubble bar a go!

This shop is great for gifts and everyday home items as it's cheap and cheerful I always pop in, this one is Oxford has only been open for a few months but I already love it! I picked up some amazing glittery red candles in there valentines range for only 50p each, I then spotted an oversized rose ring and it just happened to fit my finger so I brought one for £1.75 in a nice neutral colour, lastly I spotted at the till som button earrings which I have wanted for ages so I picked some up in a burgundy colour for £1.50.

I always leave this shop to last as I know I will find loads I want and this time round I only managed to spend £26.90, it must of been the weather! First up I picked up some jeggings as they were a sale item of £5.90 mine are currently a little overworn so I picked some up in the same dark burgundy colour as my current ones, I also found a great spring/summer skater denim skirt for just £8 the style goes really well with my body shape so I was happy to find this, I also found a really pretty cream kiss top with loads of kisses on for £6 I thought this would go great with the skirt.

I also came away with the adorable Bambi vest and knicker set for £5 it has a lovely design and I was really happy about finding it, Lastly I came away with some £2 socks cheap and cheerful they last me around 2-3 months before I need to buy some more but they always feel so soft and nice!

And that's all for my shopping haul, hope you enjoyed it!


  1. All the Lush stuff is so so pretty!!

  2. That lush bath bomb is huge! Hopefully you can get more than one bath out of it :)


  3. I bought the same skirt but i find it makes me look a lot bigger than i am :( x