My Trip To Paris!

Paris was fantastic I had such a lovely time and had loads of fun, I stayed for 4 nights in a Hotel called Boisserie which was quite cheap at £160 for the 4 nights but it was a great little hotel the staff all spoke English and were extremely helpful. I also used the Eurostar to get there as it only cost £66 it was an ok train and ok journey it's not really something I would brag about but it got me there and back!

I visited a lot of places while I was there the Sacre Coeur and the Saint Chapelle were amazing, I got around using the Hop on Hop of bus tour from a site called Insago which offered two days for only £26 which I thought was a bargain as it was a great tour covering all the well known areas as well as travelling to the less popular areas, they also offer a Disneyland Paris deal at only £54 for ticket and travel there!

On my last day there I went shopping! I started by visiting there two main shopping centres which are Printemps and Galleries Lafayette were there was a lot of designer shops and a few sales on. I loved the top floor on the Galleries Lafayette which gave you an amazing view on the city. I also visited a few Pharmacies and picked up a few bits, I decided to leave walking down the Champs Elysees last as I knew there was a few stores I wanted to visit like Sephora, the main one is so busy and jam packed so I wasn't able to look at a few things but I did visit another one as there are loads in the city.

The few things I didn't like were the tramps as there are loads!, the guards or police as they walk around with machine guns which made me extremely nervous and lastly the men of Paris there is no need to phlegm, spit, pull your trousers up and adjust yourself, pick your nose and stare at us women!

So I had loads of fun and would most certainly go back in the future as it's cheap and cheerful there, I will post a post soon on all the goodies I brought while out there and soon I'll be hosting a Paris Giveaway!

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  1. Beautiful clicks, and its good to know positive thins about the trip.

  2. Aww it sounds like you had a lovely time! I'd love to go and visit Paris soon. It's definitely on my bucket list xx

  3. would love to visit paris , sounds like you had a fab time x