Jelly Belly Eau De Toilette Review

My current addiction right now is roller ball perfumes, a while ago I was browsing blogs and came across a post about Zara Roller balls and thought it was a brilliant idea for travelling so of I went and came away with two perfumes. So I was really excited to receive a set for Christmas but then was equally surprised to see who the brand was Jelly Belly! Yes the little sweets that come in all sort's of flavours!

The scent I received were Cappuccino, Strawberry Jam, Blueberry, Raspberry, French Vanilla and Chocolate Pudding. Some of the scent's I was really happy to try other's I was a bit worried to try as I'm not sure walking around smelling of Chocolate Pudding would do me any favours! As suspected all the scents were great apart from Cappuccino and Chocolate Pudding but this was only because the scents were so accurate that I was really put of wearing them.

The fruit scented ones and French Vanilla are fantastic the scent is so accurate and spot on it makes it a great product, as well as coming in rather cute packaging these four are perfect!

As these were a gift I'm not sure on the price and unfortunately I can't find them online so sorry I can't provide a price or were to buy them.


  1. These looks like great gifts! I love jelly belly =)

    Corinne x

  2. These sound very interesting, fun and silly. I must try them!