Body Butter - Pink Macaroon

While in Paris I visited there H&M and was overwhelmed with how large it was, the Champs Elysees one compared to my local one is huge! So there was a lot of product and clothes I have never seen before included a body butter called Pink Macaroon.

It comes in a small round tub with a light pink bottom and a reflective pink top (which makes it hard to photograph!) at first I was going to pink up a tube of the body cream but decided to pink up the body butter due to the cute and different packaging.

The scent is nice and sweet with a fews citrus and fruity smells, I've never smelt a macaroon so I can't really say if it's a match or not but it is a lovely scent. The body butter is quite thin and soft which surprised me as I was expecting a thick heavy cream but it was a nice surprise. It soaks in quite quickly and doesn't have a sticky after feeling which I loved.

It cost 3.95 Euros and I'm yet to see it in the british store and I can't find it online,


  1. I love going to H&M abroad, there is always cute little finds and macaroon's smell differently depending on the flavour xx

  2. The packaging looks stylish and the product sounds nice! Now following you hun, xoxo.