#BloggersWLW Week Two

So it's now week two of BloggersWLW and it's been ok so far, as I've been in Paris I did have a few slip up's but I feel I have done well for week two! I'm thinking of each month doing a weigh in instead of weekly so stay tune for my weigh in at Week Four!

Today I want to talk about Exercise dvd's, I follow two dvds which I tend to do four times a week so one on Monday and then one on Wednesday and then them repeated on other days. I find them quite fun to do and if you can get family members to join in it can get quite funny!

The two dvds I follow are TOWIE's The Essexercise Workout and Davina Super Body Workout. The Essexercise dvd is quite fast and hard to follow but it gets you sweating like mad, there are three workouts a dance one, a combat one and a toning one. They also have extras like smoothie making, face masks and more. The Davina workout dvd is easier to follow and has a lot more workouts and no extras, it also has a great cool down workout which I really enjoy after working out.

I would highly suggest buying the Davina workout for more serious and easy to follow workouts or if you and a group of friends want to do a joint workout I would go with the TOWIE workouts.

I hope you have had a great second week and you are all enjoying the #BloggersWLW, leave me links to your post's below. And anyone who isn't joining in let me know if you are enjoying these posts!

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