#BloggersWLW Week Three

I've tried out many diets in the pass and my favorite and most effective diet has been Slim Fast, a control and easy to follow diet plan with a great online support system. I have used it in the past for around a month and I lost a stone in weight, before slowly putting it back on again. The reason I fail at diets is I have no self control over eating and if I like something I will eat it and go completely of the diet, so this time with the help of Bloggers I will hopefully stick to my slim fast diet!

The diet is simply you have 3 snacks a day, 2 shakes or meal bars and 1 calorie controlled meal. The snacks can be fruit, nuts or there own snack bars/pretzels, the shakes come in several flavors like chocolate strawberry etc and there bars are chocolate flavored, and the meal must be 600 calories or less. So you get a nice variety of foods and plenty of choices!

You also need to do some exercise which as stated on the products can be a simply dog walk, I tend to walk to and from work which is an hour of walking and find this is enough for me. The one thing I like about Slim Fast is the great online support you get from other Slim Fast users and the people behind the company, on the website you enter all your details and then you get daily meal plans and can answer or submit questions to users. You can also track how well you are doing and take a look at all the products you can buy and try.

The website is free to use and has helped me out a lot in the past hopefully I shall stick to it this time round as I'm only a week in!

How have you found this week? Have you lost much weight?

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