#BloggersWLW Week One

Hello this is a scheduled post so hopefully it goes up properly as I'm currently in Paris! I'm currently in a Bloggers Weight Loss group and every Wednesday we post on our accounts and today in the first ever blog post for me!

My top tip in losing weight would be to be realistic. It may be on odd one but in the past I've been caught up in some mad diets that I thought were perfect for me but turned out quite dangerous. Like the ones which make you starve yourself either for a day or more than 24 hours, this is doing nothing good for your body or your brain.

The best diet I have tried in the past has been the eat three healthy meals a day diet, a nice simple only eat 1500 calories a day diet. I lost a few pounds a week and then slowly starting eating the wrong foods again, so another top tip try to stay motivated (something I lack).

Lastly my third finally tip is to stay focus on what your goals are, it's easy to read a blog post and think wow I would love to do that and then go off track on what you are actually trying to achieve. So keep a diary or try to remind yourself daily why you are dieting and what your goals are.

I hope these top tips are helpful and you are doing well on your first week of dieting!

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