#BloggersWLW Week Four

Today's the day for my weigh in! I must admit I've pretty much weighed myself daily from day one so I know I have done quite well but I shall start my sharing my details from last month

Weight 1st January was = 15 stone 4lbs ( 214 pounds)
BMI 1st January was = 39.1 Obese
Dress Size 1st January was = Size 20

A lot has changed since then I am now exercising more with dvds and long walks. I have also dramatically cut my food intake down from weekly take aways, mcdonalds lunches and snacking all night to three meals a day and under 1000 calories a day. I did however have a really bad weekend, I ended up having a pizza and not one but two girly nights! 

Weight 29th January is = 14 Stone 9lbs (205 pounds)
BMI 29th January is = 38.2
Dress Size 29th January is = Size 20

Total Weight Loss = 9 Pounds!

For next month here are my targets,

  • To exercise more, I currently do an exercise video twice a week so I'm going to be doing that plus two Youtube exercise workout's
  • To stay with Slim Fast and try to not have so many naughty days!
  • To drink more water, I still only have around 4 cups a day and want to get it to 8
  • To get down to a size 18 and fit back into some of my old clothes

 Let me know how much you lost this week!

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