Bioderma Crealine H2O

On my recent trip to Paris one of the first products I picked up was Bioderma Crealine H2O a liquid cleanser, this product has been raved about so much in the Bloggers world I was really excited to try it out and to be able to buy it in Paris rather than spending £12+ online for a small bottle instead I paid 3 euros for a small bottle and 9 euros for a large bottle.

There are two versions of Bioderma a sensitive skin one and an oily skin version, at the moment my skin is dry and sore due to winter so I picked up the Sensitive skin version but if it had been summer I would of more than likely picked up the oily one. They also come in pack of 25 wipe for if you are having a lazy day and just want to wipe your make up of, this pack cost me around 6 euros from one of the many pharmacies across the city.

To use Bioderma you place some onto a cotton pad and glide across your face, I found the product being a water didn't have much of a scent but felt nice and light. I only need a few drops as it goes a long way, it also removed all my make up and daily grime off my face with out me having to scrub to hard it also got through to my toughest make up like my mascara and eyebrow mascara which I was extremely impressed with. It left my face feeling nice and cleansed and make up free, I was really impressed with how well it worked.

I picked up a 250ml bottle and a 100ml bottle and I've been using my 250ml bottle for around 2 weeks now and have found it almost as full as when I brought it, I'll be using the 100ml bottle to travel with as it's a nice handy shape and size.


  1. I need to try these out now!!! :) Love the sound of this stuff!

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  3. I am sure we (Beautyqueenuk and I) have the first product at home, not that I use it :)