Bioderma Crealine H2O

On my recent trip to Paris one of the first products I picked up was Bioderma Crealine H2O a liquid cleanser, this product has been raved about so much in the Bloggers world I was really excited to try it out and to be able to buy it in Paris rather than spending £12+ online for a small bottle instead I paid 3 euros for a small bottle and 9 euros for a large bottle.

There are two versions of Bioderma a sensitive skin one and an oily skin version, at the moment my skin is dry and sore due to winter so I picked up the Sensitive skin version but if it had been summer I would of more than likely picked up the oily one. They also come in pack of 25 wipe for if you are having a lazy day and just want to wipe your make up of, this pack cost me around 6 euros from one of the many pharmacies across the city.

To use Bioderma you place some onto a cotton pad and glide across your face, I found the product being a water didn't have much of a scent but felt nice and light. I only need a few drops as it goes a long way, it also removed all my make up and daily grime off my face with out me having to scrub to hard it also got through to my toughest make up like my mascara and eyebrow mascara which I was extremely impressed with. It left my face feeling nice and cleansed and make up free, I was really impressed with how well it worked.

I picked up a 250ml bottle and a 100ml bottle and I've been using my 250ml bottle for around 2 weeks now and have found it almost as full as when I brought it, I'll be using the 100ml bottle to travel with as it's a nice handy shape and size.

Body Butter - Pink Macaroon

While in Paris I visited there H&M and was overwhelmed with how large it was, the Champs Elysees one compared to my local one is huge! So there was a lot of product and clothes I have never seen before included a body butter called Pink Macaroon.

It comes in a small round tub with a light pink bottom and a reflective pink top (which makes it hard to photograph!) at first I was going to pink up a tube of the body cream but decided to pink up the body butter due to the cute and different packaging.

The scent is nice and sweet with a fews citrus and fruity smells, I've never smelt a macaroon so I can't really say if it's a match or not but it is a lovely scent. The body butter is quite thin and soft which surprised me as I was expecting a thick heavy cream but it was a nice surprise. It soaks in quite quickly and doesn't have a sticky after feeling which I loved.

It cost 3.95 Euros and I'm yet to see it in the british store and I can't find it online,

#BloggersWLW Week Four

Today's the day for my weigh in! I must admit I've pretty much weighed myself daily from day one so I know I have done quite well but I shall start my sharing my details from last month

Weight 1st January was = 15 stone 4lbs ( 214 pounds)
BMI 1st January was = 39.1 Obese
Dress Size 1st January was = Size 20

A lot has changed since then I am now exercising more with dvds and long walks. I have also dramatically cut my food intake down from weekly take aways, mcdonalds lunches and snacking all night to three meals a day and under 1000 calories a day. I did however have a really bad weekend, I ended up having a pizza and not one but two girly nights! 

Weight 29th January is = 14 Stone 9lbs (205 pounds)
BMI 29th January is = 38.2
Dress Size 29th January is = Size 20

Total Weight Loss = 9 Pounds!

For next month here are my targets,

  • To exercise more, I currently do an exercise video twice a week so I'm going to be doing that plus two Youtube exercise workout's
  • To stay with Slim Fast and try to not have so many naughty days!
  • To drink more water, I still only have around 4 cups a day and want to get it to 8
  • To get down to a size 18 and fit back into some of my old clothes

 Let me know how much you lost this week!

Oxford Shopping Haul

It has been one long month of January so when pay day came calling I was extremely happy to go spend some well earned money. I went to my favorite shopping area which is Oxford and picked up some bit's from Primark, Lush and Evolution, it's only a little haul but here go's!

They have started there valentines day range already in Lush so the first item's I checked out were a few massage bars, a lip tint and a shower gel but I settled on a bath bomb instead Love Locket which cost £6.95 which is expensive for a bath bomb but this one is huge!
I then had a look at there bubble bars and came away with one I have never tried before as the scent always put me off Amandopondo which is a great price of £2.75, the scent is quite a musky scent and I much prefer fruity girly scents but I decided to give this little bubble bar a go!

This shop is great for gifts and everyday home items as it's cheap and cheerful I always pop in, this one is Oxford has only been open for a few months but I already love it! I picked up some amazing glittery red candles in there valentines range for only 50p each, I then spotted an oversized rose ring and it just happened to fit my finger so I brought one for £1.75 in a nice neutral colour, lastly I spotted at the till som button earrings which I have wanted for ages so I picked some up in a burgundy colour for £1.50.

I always leave this shop to last as I know I will find loads I want and this time round I only managed to spend £26.90, it must of been the weather! First up I picked up some jeggings as they were a sale item of £5.90 mine are currently a little overworn so I picked some up in the same dark burgundy colour as my current ones, I also found a great spring/summer skater denim skirt for just £8 the style goes really well with my body shape so I was happy to find this, I also found a really pretty cream kiss top with loads of kisses on for £6 I thought this would go great with the skirt.

I also came away with the adorable Bambi vest and knicker set for £5 it has a lovely design and I was really happy about finding it, Lastly I came away with some £2 socks cheap and cheerful they last me around 2-3 months before I need to buy some more but they always feel so soft and nice!

And that's all for my shopping haul, hope you enjoyed it!

Soap and Glory Eyes Box

In the Boots sale last month I was able to pick up a few Soap and Glory products I picked up the Powder Trip which I did a review on a few days back and I also picked up the Eyes Box for £8, it's a great little set which includes a best selling item and six eye shadows!

Including in the bos was:
Thick and Fast Super Volume Mascara
Smoulder Kohl Waterproof Eyeliner
6 Lid Stuff Eyeshadows Vanilla, Wild Blue, Smokin, Minky, Dandy Plum and Black Gold

The Smolder Kohl eyeliner I've owned before and thought it was a great product it went on well and stays on all day, the only thing I wasn't keen on was that it was black as I have really small almond eyes wearing black eyeliner just makes me eyes look extremely silly!

The Thick and Fast Mascara I used for the first time a few days ago at a meal out and loved what they did to my lashes. They made them really thick and added some layers into my lashes as well as having a large easy to use brush which helped a lot.

The eyeshadows were the main reason I brought the set it was the Vanilla and Black Gold that really made me interested in the box. They are a fantastic matte shade that go on my eyelids well and stay all day, I love how they look on my lids and how they feel they have a nice silky feeling which I adored. The other four shades are great for going out I was really intrigued to try Wild Blue and was not let down its a great light sparkly blue colour which look great on my almond shaped eyes.

Chocolate Brownies

My family was sent a rather lovely and creative gift for Christmas a massive jar of Chocolate brownie mix and some instructions. I love to bake and was super excited to receive such a fantastic gift, I've made brownies in the past and have had some hits and misses with the mixture and how they have turned out so I was eager to give this one a whirl to see how they came out.

I thought the jar was a great idea it had all the ingredients in layers with a label telling you what to add, how long to bake for and what temperature to bake them on. I also find with brownies leaving them in longer then needed does them a bit of justice, the instructions said to leave them in for 25-35 minutes so I checked at 30 minutes and left them in for 45 minutes.

They came out great and were absolutely delicious, they had risen just a little bit but they had also harden enough to pick up but were still a bit gooey in the middle. I think this was a brilliant idea and can't wait until next Christmas as I might give it a go myself!

Soap and Glory Powder Trip Review

I recently had a little mooch in the Boots Christmas Sale and came away with a Soap and Glory Powder Palette which included Solar Powder, Glow All Out and Love at First Blush as well as a handy brush, The Palette should of cost £20 but it was half price at just £10!

The palette design is handy yet cute, it has a rather kitsch vibe with its black and white checkered slimline case. It also has one of my favorite opening which is magnetic but something I don't see on most magnetic openings is a handy tab to pull which I absolutely love. It also has a rather large mirror on the inside which is a fantastic extra.

Solar Powder is a bronzer which is one of the item's I tend to avoid in my make up routine as I just can't seem to get it right. This one has two shades a darker and lighter shade for contouring and building up a nice bronzed shade, the first thing I noticed when using this bronzer is it wasn't to dark and it has a great buildable coverage, it also blended really well, even though it has a shimmer it has quite a matte look on my skin tone.

Glow All Out is a highlighter or a dusting powder, I've never really used a highlighter so I was rather excited to try this one out. I found I only needed a small amount on the brush for my whole face, it went on quite light and left a nice shimmer on my face. It wasn't to shimmery but you can build it up without looking too dark or too made up which I really liked.

Love at First Blush is a fantastic blusher, it has now become my favorite and I will be hopefully buying the individual one for my everyday makeup routine pretty soon. The first thing I love is the design of all the small pieces of colour all separate meaning you can use them individually or use them all together. It's quite pigmented but goes on quite light and soft it gave me quite a flushed look which I quite liked.

Do you own any Soap and Glory make up pieces? What your favorite?

#BloggersWLW Week Three

I've tried out many diets in the pass and my favorite and most effective diet has been Slim Fast, a control and easy to follow diet plan with a great online support system. I have used it in the past for around a month and I lost a stone in weight, before slowly putting it back on again. The reason I fail at diets is I have no self control over eating and if I like something I will eat it and go completely of the diet, so this time with the help of Bloggers I will hopefully stick to my slim fast diet!

The diet is simply you have 3 snacks a day, 2 shakes or meal bars and 1 calorie controlled meal. The snacks can be fruit, nuts or there own snack bars/pretzels, the shakes come in several flavors like chocolate strawberry etc and there bars are chocolate flavored, and the meal must be 600 calories or less. So you get a nice variety of foods and plenty of choices!

You also need to do some exercise which as stated on the products can be a simply dog walk, I tend to walk to and from work which is an hour of walking and find this is enough for me. The one thing I like about Slim Fast is the great online support you get from other Slim Fast users and the people behind the company, on the website you enter all your details and then you get daily meal plans and can answer or submit questions to users. You can also track how well you are doing and take a look at all the products you can buy and try.

The website is free to use and has helped me out a lot in the past hopefully I shall stick to it this time round as I'm only a week in!

How have you found this week? Have you lost much weight?

Glossy Box January 2014 - Back to Basics

I haven't done a GlossyBox Review for a while so I thought you might enjoy one! This month's theme is Back to Basic's so the box has had a make over or a make under as it's been made into a baby pink glossy effect box which I think is a lovely change. This month's magazine has some great weight lose and detox pages which I can't wait to read through and have a go at some of the detox juices!

I received five beauty goodies two full sized and three minis, there are:

Yu-Be Skin Cream
A company I've never heard of before and I've never tried there products before but I received two 3g tubes of skin cream for the body and lips as well as a little instruction/welcome leaflet. It;s a company from Japan which aims to re vamp you skin using vitamins and a unique high glycerine content. For the full size product it costs £13.50.

Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash
A brand I know and love and to be honest I've never seen this little beauty in the shops before so I was intrigued to see it. It has a nice sweet lavender scent and a lovely caramel texture, you can use it in the shower as a wash or add a cap full to your bath as a nice relaxing soak. For the full size product it cost £10.25.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Floral Slanted Tweezers
Something I have been after for a long time so I was excited to see this in my Glossy Box, the company has a great reputation for great products and I have considered buying the tweezers before but the price tag of £8 had put me of, so I'm glad I can now test them out and see how well they work.

Anatomicals Puffy the Eye Bag Slayer Wake Up Under Eye Patches
This was the one product I went ohhhh at because I've heard and used Anatomicals before and they always have a great affordable range but the Wake up under eye patches I have never seen before! To use you simply cleanse under the eyes, add the eye patch and leave for 30 minutes then remove, once applied it targets Fine lines, wrinkles and helps revitalise the delicate skin around your eyes, for a pack of three it's only £6.

Vaseline Essential Moisture Lotion
A brand I know and love, Vaseline have such a great beauty range and it's nice and affordable. The moisturisers have a non greasy formula with absorbs quickly leaving your skin soft and silky which I have to 100% agree with as I use the products my self and always go back to buying them. For the full size bottle it's just £4.99.

Lush Sunnyside Review

Sunnyside is such a fun and fancy bubble bar at just £3.75 it's a bargain and a great buy.

The scent is my favorite scent orange but this one is know as Sweet Wild Orange Oil which is the peel of the Orange, making it this a sweet with a lovely citrus scent. I love how quickly it bubbled and left a glittery layer on the top of my bath, I also really liked how this bubble bar left my skin feeling moisturized as well as leaving a gold shimmer on my skin.

I also really liked the fact it didn't leave a gold mark around the bath which I have had in the pass with bath bombs, this one seems to wash of easily and quickly. 

Have you tried and reviewed Sunnyside, I would love to see your review?

The Liebster Award

Today I was tagged by Lisa to say I had been nominated for The Liebster Award , I've done a tag before like this The Versatile Award and really enjoy them!

What is the Liebster Award?

  • Basically this award is for the Newbie bloggers given by other bloggers.
  • You basically nominate a certain amount of people by tagging them in your post about the award. These people are who you have enjoyed visiting on their blogs. You then tell them a little about yourself by answering a few questions then they nominate their favourites (it is basically like a chain letter) and so on.
  •  The word “liebster” is originated from Germany and has several definitions:- dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, welcome, sweetheart .
So how does it work?

  1. Link the Blogger who nominated you in your post
  2. Answer the 11 questions provided by the blogger who nominated you
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers (with 200 or less followers)
  4. Create your own set of 11 questions to ask your nominees
  5. Let them know you nominated them!
My 11 Questions

  1. What three words describe you best and why? I would say funny, cute and shy, As I'm quite the joker of the group and I'm very small and always get told I'm cute as well as being very shy.
  2. Who inspired you to start blogging? That would be Zoe and Louise from Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter
  3. What what your most funniest moment? It was probably when attending the AW13 show in Birmingham I sat in the paid seats and not the one's I was suppose to seat in!
  4. If you could choose one superhero, who would you be and why? I would be Iron (wom)man so I could still lead a normalish life. 
  5. What do your friends and family say about you blogging? I've not really told many people as I feel it something I want to do by myself and keep private as most my friends are mums and wouldn't get it and my family would try to take over!
  6. What made you smile today? Weighing myself and being 3 pounds down!
  7. If you could give bloggers advice, what would it be? To not get hooked on certain trends and waste your money where there are better products that will save you time and money
  8. What is the most embarrassing song you love to listen to?  I don't really listen to any embarrassing songs but I am hooked on What does the fox say
  9. What quote do you love to abide by? 'A hangover is something that occupies the head you neglected to use last night'
  10. Where do you want to be in 10 years time? I would love to have a family and be married in my own home, I also want to run my own shop or a B&B
  11. If you could choose a culture, which would it be and why? I would love to live in Spain and follow there culture they always seem so loving and care free
My nominees are:

My 11 Questions
  1. If you could only wear one piece of make up, what would it be?
  2. Lip gloss or Lip balm?
  3. What's your favorite book?
  4. Where do you see you and your blog  in 5 years time?
  5. Do you love tea or coffee? 
  6. Your biggest achievement in blogging?
  7. Are you looking forward to SS14?
  8. If you could only eat one thing for a year, what would it be?
  9. Do you prefer to use a cleanser or face wipes to remove your makeup? 
  10. What is your favorite jewelry piece you own?
  11. Do you have any goals for 2014?
Thank you for Lisa for tagging me in The Liebster Award!

St Grape Aqua Bliss Face and Body Scrub

I recently enter a competition to win a St Grape Aqua Bliss Face and Body scrub but unfortunately I didn't win, however I was emailed and offered to product for free but had to pay post and packaging, so the item was only £4.95 instead of £12 plus P&P. St Grape is a affordable company which offers handmade natural products which offers products in all health and beauty areas. They also have there own blog and spa packages available from there blog.

The first thing I noticed was the adorable packaging it was in a lovely white bow with frills around the edges it was so chic and pretty I really loved it. The tub for the Aqua Bliss Scrub is simple plastic tube and silver lid you get 150g. The smell is quite neutral with a tiny hint of floral which I feel like, the texture is quite an odd one as it's really thick it also has natural salt in so it works well as a scrub.

I have been using mine for around a month now and have noticed a big difference in my skin, as I have quite sensitive skin I find it works nicely in this cold weather especially on my legs. I was a bit anxious using it on my face as I've never really used a scrub on there before but it has worked great, I'm not sure if it's supposed to but I have noticed my pores have gone down a bit which is wonderful.

This is a really great product and I'm glad I was sent the promotional offer, have you heard or tried St Grape before link me to your blog posts!

#BloggersWLW Week Two

So it's now week two of BloggersWLW and it's been ok so far, as I've been in Paris I did have a few slip up's but I feel I have done well for week two! I'm thinking of each month doing a weigh in instead of weekly so stay tune for my weigh in at Week Four!

Today I want to talk about Exercise dvd's, I follow two dvds which I tend to do four times a week so one on Monday and then one on Wednesday and then them repeated on other days. I find them quite fun to do and if you can get family members to join in it can get quite funny!

The two dvds I follow are TOWIE's The Essexercise Workout and Davina Super Body Workout. The Essexercise dvd is quite fast and hard to follow but it gets you sweating like mad, there are three workouts a dance one, a combat one and a toning one. They also have extras like smoothie making, face masks and more. The Davina workout dvd is easier to follow and has a lot more workouts and no extras, it also has a great cool down workout which I really enjoy after working out.

I would highly suggest buying the Davina workout for more serious and easy to follow workouts or if you and a group of friends want to do a joint workout I would go with the TOWIE workouts.

I hope you have had a great second week and you are all enjoying the #BloggersWLW, leave me links to your post's below. And anyone who isn't joining in let me know if you are enjoying these posts!

Lush Christmas Eve Review

This adorable half moon half sky bubble bar was just £2.95 in the Lush Christmas range and I couldn't wait to try it. It had a really nice floral scent which surprised me as it was quite a bright bubble bar I was expecting something a bit different but it was a lovely bubble bar.

It is quite a large so you can get more then one bath out of it, I found it created bubbles quite quickly and started working straight away which was fantastic. It also left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised after which was great. The bath water also went a really nice greenish colour which you can kind of just see through the bubbles!

I really enjoyed using this bubble bar and can't wait to repurchase next Christmas, did you pick this bubble bar up what did you think of it?

Lip Smacker Review

This month has taken a toll on my lips making them chapped and sore so I was after a new lip balm so I was excited to receive Lip Smacker as one of my Christmas present's. It's a brand I have heard of before but never got round to buying or even seeing in the shops so I was surprised to get them as a gift. The set I got was the Coca-Cola set which includes six lip balms all different flavours.

The set included Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Coca-Cola Cherry, Sprite, Fanta Orange and Fanta Strawberry. I was really surprised as all the lip balms smelt like the actually drinks which was great. They go on really well and are quite moisturising, they last for around two hours before the need to reapply. I was quite happy with this gift and was really pleased to get it.

The set's cost around £12 but you can get them individually for around £3, I've heard they are in Claires but I'm yet to take a look as it's not a shop I go in.

Paris - What I Brought

Of course visiting Paris I was going to go shopping! I went to a few stores H&M, Sephora and the pharmacies being the ones I brought the most from and so here is what I brought:

Sephora Instant Moisture Mask - 5 euros
MAC Disc Sponges - 6 euros
Sephora Nail Effect  - 3 euros each
H&M Pink Macaroon Body Butter 3.95 euros
Makeup Brush Cleaner - 6.20 euros

Bioderma Wipes 
Bioderma bottle - 9.30 euros
Bioderma mini - 3.00 Euros
Essie lilacism and jam n jelly - 6 euros each
H&M hair bands - 3.95 euros

Sephora Gloss - 2 euros
Sephora bath hearts - 3.50 euros
Nuxe Reve De Miel
Bumble and Bumble thickening spray - 9 euros
Love Keychain - 2.95 euros

As well as picking all that up I brought a bottle of Bioderma and a Nuxe Reve de Miel to giveaway on my blog! To win these items please click the link above on my header!

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My Trip To Paris!

Paris was fantastic I had such a lovely time and had loads of fun, I stayed for 4 nights in a Hotel called Boisserie which was quite cheap at £160 for the 4 nights but it was a great little hotel the staff all spoke English and were extremely helpful. I also used the Eurostar to get there as it only cost £66 it was an ok train and ok journey it's not really something I would brag about but it got me there and back!

I visited a lot of places while I was there the Sacre Coeur and the Saint Chapelle were amazing, I got around using the Hop on Hop of bus tour from a site called Insago which offered two days for only £26 which I thought was a bargain as it was a great tour covering all the well known areas as well as travelling to the less popular areas, they also offer a Disneyland Paris deal at only £54 for ticket and travel there!

On my last day there I went shopping! I started by visiting there two main shopping centres which are Printemps and Galleries Lafayette were there was a lot of designer shops and a few sales on. I loved the top floor on the Galleries Lafayette which gave you an amazing view on the city. I also visited a few Pharmacies and picked up a few bits, I decided to leave walking down the Champs Elysees last as I knew there was a few stores I wanted to visit like Sephora, the main one is so busy and jam packed so I wasn't able to look at a few things but I did visit another one as there are loads in the city.

The few things I didn't like were the tramps as there are loads!, the guards or police as they walk around with machine guns which made me extremely nervous and lastly the men of Paris there is no need to phlegm, spit, pull your trousers up and adjust yourself, pick your nose and stare at us women!

So I had loads of fun and would most certainly go back in the future as it's cheap and cheerful there, I will post a post soon on all the goodies I brought while out there and soon I'll be hosting a Paris Giveaway!

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#BloggersWLW Week One

Hello this is a scheduled post so hopefully it goes up properly as I'm currently in Paris! I'm currently in a Bloggers Weight Loss group and every Wednesday we post on our accounts and today in the first ever blog post for me!

My top tip in losing weight would be to be realistic. It may be on odd one but in the past I've been caught up in some mad diets that I thought were perfect for me but turned out quite dangerous. Like the ones which make you starve yourself either for a day or more than 24 hours, this is doing nothing good for your body or your brain.

The best diet I have tried in the past has been the eat three healthy meals a day diet, a nice simple only eat 1500 calories a day diet. I lost a few pounds a week and then slowly starting eating the wrong foods again, so another top tip try to stay motivated (something I lack).

Lastly my third finally tip is to stay focus on what your goals are, it's easy to read a blog post and think wow I would love to do that and then go off track on what you are actually trying to achieve. So keep a diary or try to remind yourself daily why you are dieting and what your goals are.

I hope these top tips are helpful and you are doing well on your first week of dieting!

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Puckers Review

I usually only ever buy or look at Soap and Glory's bath and shower range but I was given a Mother Pucker set at Christmas and was eager to try them out. I was extremely impressed with the three I got as well as loving the adorable tin they came in.

This one looks quite bright and almost has a glow in the dark look about it but once applied I was rather happy. It comes out as a light pink with a lovely gloss finish, it does have a sticky feel but it's not to bad. Over all I think this one is perfect for summer or day trips out.

As you can tell by the name this one is quite nude and almost sheer but it does have a nice caramel hint to it, I'm not to keen on nude lipsticks or gloss sticks but this once wasn't to bad and I found I could wear it for days or nights out quite easily.

Plum Jam
I adore the name for this gloss stick, it's a really nice deep autumnal shade with a lovely gloss finish. I found this once seemed to last longer then the other two and wasn't as sticky so it worked quite well as an evening out lip shade.

I would highly recommend this product as it's great value for money at £8, whereas one Mother Pucker on it's own comes in at £8 so while they're still available I would snap up the set!

Jelly Belly Eau De Toilette Review

My current addiction right now is roller ball perfumes, a while ago I was browsing blogs and came across a post about Zara Roller balls and thought it was a brilliant idea for travelling so of I went and came away with two perfumes. So I was really excited to receive a set for Christmas but then was equally surprised to see who the brand was Jelly Belly! Yes the little sweets that come in all sort's of flavours!

The scent I received were Cappuccino, Strawberry Jam, Blueberry, Raspberry, French Vanilla and Chocolate Pudding. Some of the scent's I was really happy to try other's I was a bit worried to try as I'm not sure walking around smelling of Chocolate Pudding would do me any favours! As suspected all the scents were great apart from Cappuccino and Chocolate Pudding but this was only because the scents were so accurate that I was really put of wearing them.

The fruit scented ones and French Vanilla are fantastic the scent is so accurate and spot on it makes it a great product, as well as coming in rather cute packaging these four are perfect!

As these were a gift I'm not sure on the price and unfortunately I can't find them online so sorry I can't provide a price or were to buy them.