The Return Of Weight Loss Wednesday!

This year one of my new years resolutions is to lose some weight as at the moment I'm extremely unhappy about my looks and my confidence is hitting a new low. Last year I attempted to do Weight Loss Wednesday and was doing well before falling off the band wagon and giving up, so this year I've decided to start again but instead of writing a new post each week I shall be doing a monthly one to keep you up to date we diet's that are working well or exercise's which are good and of course I shall be doing weigh in's as well!

So to start with here are my stats:

Weight 31.12.2014 - 14 Stone 5 pounds
Dress Size - 18

For the next month I shall be doing the Davina workout dvd at least twice and week and shall be doing the Slim Fast diet to kick start my weight loss!

Let me know if you are also dieting and if you are doing some posts as I would love to read them! So I shall see you next month with an update, fingers crossed I loss some weight!

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Lush Christmas Hedgehog Review

I was after a pick me up so I ran myself a bath and went for a bath product that I knew was soothing and a real pamper product, cue Christmas Hedgehog. This small little white and blue hedgehog is small and cute but also very soothing and works wonders for anyone needed a pamper or pick me up.

It was £3.25 from the Lush Christmas range which may still be available at some stores and online, it's a bubble bar so it needed to be crumbled under the water but it is also full off a lot of soothing essentials oils as well as some great shea and cooca butter in order to really pamper the skin.

The smell was odd as it had a nice rose fresh scent to it as well as a soapy scent which grew on me as I got in the bath, the bubbles were quite small with this product so you didn't get enough to go throughout the whole bath but they still floated about the bath nicely and did last a good hour or to. The water went quite a nice aqua blue colour and had a little bit of a shimmer to it which was a lovely extra to the product.

The bubble bar left me really soft and gave me skin a really nice feel to it as well as leaving me smelling off the subtle rose scent. I could feel a big difference to my skin and it was a much needed boost to my skin in order to get it back to being healthy looking. I would recommend this product to anyone wanted a nice pamper but not someone who wants a fun uplifting bath product.

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Lush Snow Angel Review

This rather gorgeous bath melt has most defiantly won my heart this year from the Christmas range, it cost only £3.95 and I would really recommend it if you can still get your hands on one!

It's a bath melt so instead of fizzing or being crumbled into the water you just have to place it into the water and allow it to melt away, which means it was a very slow and pampering product which took it's time in working it's magic.

The top half of the product was a lovely white snow angel with a shimmer of glitter and then the bottom off was a thick layer of gold which swirled around the bath to create a lovely shimmery pool of glitter. The scent of the product was a really light floral scent but it almost didn't have one as it kind of picked up all the scents of the other products.

It had a lot of conditioning and soothing ingredients which meant my skin felt and looked amazing after using the bath melt. I also had a lovely shimmer of gold which lasted all day on my skin meaning I look really festive which I loved. This is 100% a soothing and pamper bath melt from Lush so I would recommend it to anyone who wants a pamper rather then a fun bath, but if you can gets your hands on it then it's 100% worth it!

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Christmas Tag!

I've seen this tag floating about so thought I would give it ago, it almost time for Christmas and I'm slowly getting prepared after dealing with a horrid cold and not wanted to spend any time outside I'm excited to go shopping and experience some Christmas markets.

Favorite Christmas movie?
That would be Black Christmas, not your most traditional Christmas movie but one I love to watch. It's a horror and scare film but it's based around Christmas and has some jolly music throughout between the killing of course!

Favorite Christmas colour?
This year for me it's all about the glitter! I can not get enough off painting my nails glittery and decorating everything with bits of glitter. So I've been teaming it a lot with mostly red so I would say glitter and red!

Do you stay in your pj's or dress up for Christmas?
As I know there will be a lot of photo's being taken I tend to dress up for Christmas, in the morning I will slouched about in my pj's but for the meal it's all about dressing up!

Do you have any Christmas traditions?
We tend to do the same each year but I wouldn't say we have any traditions as we are open to change things.

Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
It's always the morning for us, as I'm working Christmas eve I shall be to tired to open presents and I find celebrating over the whole day is more enjoyable.

Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
I've never built one but have brought one and ate it! I would love to make one as I love cooking

What do you like to do on your Christmas break?
I don't really have one as I work in retail and have to work pretty much every day apart from Christmas Day!

What's top on your Christmas list?
This year it's American Horror Story and The Walking Dead dvds as well as the Zoella and Pointless Blog books

Favorite Christmas smell?
That would be citrus and orange for me but that's my favorite scent all year round!

Favorite Christmas meal or treat?
I love gammon and crispy potatoes at Christmas! and for a treat I'm a massive savory fan so love pigs in blankets!

I hope you liked this tag if you do don't forget to do it yourself and then let me know below so I can see your answers!

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Christmas Decorations!

We have put up some of our decorations for this year so I thought I would do you a little post on what we have gone for and to give you some ideas and tips!

The tree this year was a shop brought one which came with some glitter and added pine cones which was a really nice feature. We added some gold lights and then went in with some silver and purple decorations which goes well with the glitter. For the star we opted to go for a silver dragonfly instead as there was a lot going in with the tree already we didn't want to go to big. Under the tree my mum place a few gifts in the same paper to make it look ready for Christmas day.

This year as a massive candle fan I decided to burn some of my favorite scents including Splash of Orange from the Yankee Candle Christmas range which is one of my favorite scents. For winding down I have got out my White Company Rose scented candle which is a really nice and relaxing one to burn, then while I was in Sainsburys I picked up a lovely berry scented candle which fills the room with such a lovely scent.

To add a few features to the house we have place a few fairy lights around the house, whilst me and my mum was shopping we found a great set of pink lights for just £3 from Sainsburys which make a great added decoration. Also to add to the mystery of Christmas for my little brother we brought out the Santa Stop Here sign which my brother loves and always puts on.

For outside the house we have a lovely wreath with some berry shades and added bows to make it really special, we get this one out every year and we have had it for a good few years now so it's always nice to get it out and place it on the door.

I've finally started to wrap my Christmas gifts and came across some cheap and cheerful bags in Poundland which are perfect for moving presents about, they are quite tacky but at such a great price I couldn't say no!

I hope you enjoyed this post and it gives you some ideas on how to decorate or where to start with your house, if you have done a similar post then let me know so I can read about it!

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Christmas Lips!

I recently did a Christmas nail post so thought I would also share what I'll be wearing on my lips this month over the Christmas period!

I always get cracked and dry lips in winter as I always get colds, so I always need a really nice protecting lip product and this year I've been reaching for Carmex as it works really well against cracked dry lips but also adds a nice shine to the lip while having a nice subtle hint of honey which I really love.

Tanya Burr - Exotic Island
The lipgloss I've been lusting over has been the Tanya Burr Exotic Island as it add a lovely subtle rose hint to my lips while caring for them. It also has such a lovely scent to it that I'm always re applying and over using the product.

MAC - Rebel
When going for meals and events is always easy for me to reach for a more subtle lipstick but over the last few weeks I've been using my MAC Rebel lipstick which is a gorgeous deep dark purple which is perfect for anyone wanted to pull off a more edgy look this year.

Bellapierre - Mandarina
This shade of deep orange is perfect to add a pop of colour to an outfit I'm always reaching for it when I'm having a down day as I find it brightens up my face nicely and is perfect for trips out and about or even as an evening lipstick.

So those are my top picks for wintery Christmas lips this year, let me know what lipstick your lusting over this year!

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Christmas Wishlist!

I thought I would share with you today all the item's I'm lusting over and would love to receive this Christmas, most of them I will probably buy after Christmas in the sales but some of them I've already wrote on a list so fingers crossed I get them. I hope you enjoy this post as it's one I've been reading loads off as I love reading other peoples wish lists!

Zoe Sugg and Pointless Blog Books
I've been following the two Youtubers for a while now and feel quite proud to see them getting so far in there Youtube career so when I heard about there books I thought it would be a lovely gift to get so I could support and also read what they have created. I can't wait to read Zoella's book as I've written one myself growing up so I would love to see her style of writing knowing she would of started like me. And of course I can't wait to draw and finish off the book Alfie has created I always find those style off books to be great coffee table books.

MAC Lipsticks
I've only got a small collection of MAC lipsticks and would love to add to it, as I'm very rarely shopping nowadays I've not been given to chance to check out some off the lines, so I've missed out on the Rocky Horror set and I'm also never able to take a look at the lipsticks anymore which was one of my favorite things to do when shopping. But for a while now I've been wanting Ruby Woo and Lady Danger so hopefully I will get some new ones this year.

American Horror Story and The Walking Dead
I'm so behind on the whole craze about these two boxsets so I've added them to my list in the hope to be able to catch up and join in on some of the juicy chats about the shows. I started watching The Walking Dead but after series one freeview decided that was that so I would love to finish the series. American Horror Story has been all over my social media sites and I can't wait to get into it as it seems like a great show!

Lush Gift Sets
This year I've had quite a few people ask me for some Lush gifts so while i've been shopping for them I seem to have forgotten myself so I'm hoping someone has taken note and has picked me up some goodies! I especially love the Snow Fairy scent as it's such an uplifting and girly scent that seems to fill my room and leave me all glittery which I love.

So that's it for my small Christmas wish list if you have done a post then leave it below for me to take a mooch out and look out for Friday's post which will be all about my Christmas decor this year!

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Christmas Nails! Glitter Overload

This year all I can think about is having glittery nails for Christmas, normally I would reach for a red or a green or even attempt to do a cute design but this year all I want is glitter. So I thought I would go through my top 5 glitter nail varnishes which are all high street friendly.

Orly - Hair Band
An odd name for a nail varnish but it's one of my favorites and it's always the first one I reach for, it's a lovely gold glitter which goes on lightly to create a simply shimmer of gold glitter. It looks really nice in the right light and add a nice subtle effect to any outfit.

Technic - Ruby Slippers 
This shimmery red is perfect over a nice berry red polish but also looks cute and girly on it's own. It add some lovely colour to any nail but also looks nice when worn with a plain outfit to add some sparkle.

One Direction - Little Things
This nail varnish is fab for a quick on the go shimmery glitter as you only need one coat and you are good to go. It add's a really nice subtle glitter but is more like a metallic paint which looks really impressive in photos and for adding some sparkle to an outfit.

Mavala - Pure Diamond
This is very much like the Orly polish but it's a nice silver glitter instead of a gold, it goes on nicely and has a lovely shimmer effect in certain lights. It took me a while to actually like this product as i'm not a fan of silver glitter but after a few wears is really grown on me!

Barry M - Pink Sapphire Glitter
This product is much more then a glitter it's a little bit of a party in a bottle which a lot more going on then just glitter is has more of a sequin effect which I love to place over other nail varnish in order to get a lovely party effect on my nails!

I hope you liked this blog post if you have done any nail art posts please leave them below for me to have a mooch at!

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Nuxe 24hour Soothing and Rehydrating Mask

I'm still attempting to get my evening routine perfect and was excited to find a Nuxe product in the recent Glossybox. The product is a 24 hour soothing and rehydrating fresh mask which de-thirsts and relaxes the face and eye contouring area, which sounds pretty impressive so I was happy to give it a whirl and after using it for around 2 months now I feel it's worth a review!

The mask has a really nice strong wild flower scent to it which is quite relaxing to use in the evening before bed and I tend to find it makes me relaxed and sleepy. The product is like a thick moisturiser and goes on quite thick, as it is like a moisturiser it has the feel to it when applied to the skin but I found after 10 minutes it was still there. After 10 minutes you are suppose to either dab it into the skin off use a cotton pad with tonic cleansing water on to remove it.

I dabbed it into my skin and then left it on over night, it felt odd like my face was quite oily and had a thick layer of mask still on which at first was hard to get used to. But after a few uses around 3 per week I have found that I'm now use to the feeling and it doesn't feel to odd now.

My skin after a week use looked amazing it had a nice healthy glow to it and looked brighter which I loved though, and still to this day after 2 months off using the product my skin looks great. The product is now running out for me and after a quick look in Space NK the price for another new tube is £17.50 which for me it quite pricey to pay.

This product is a great one to buy if you feel you need to refresh your look and create a nice healthy glow to the face, although you will need a spare £17.50 every 2-3 months! You can purchase the product from the Nuxe website by clicking here .

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It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Product Review

Another goodie from my recent box swap is the impressive It's A 10 Miracle Leave In Product which is like a leave in conditioner. It comes in a small 60ml bottle and after around a month I have half the bottle left, which is quite sad as you can only get the product in America!

To use the product you simply wash and condition your hair and then spritz on some of the product before styling as normal. I find I need around 3 pumps to cover my hair which is below shoulder length and quite thick. It's goes on well and doesn't leave any residue in the hair and isn't noticeable once spritzed on which I like, once I've blow dried my hair and styled in I really saw a big difference in my hair.

It felt softer and more manageable while looking healthy and in good condition which really impressed me, it also lasted all day meaning my hair didn't look lank and un styled after a few hours. The product boasts in being a miracle 10 use product including enhancing a natural body and protects colour as well as detangling the hair.

I can 100% confirm the product is a miracle product and adore it loads! If anyone knows of a dupe then please let me know!

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EOS Coconut Lip Balm

Another item from the box swap I got was the EOS Lip Balm in the scent Coconut, EOS is a brand I love and always reach for there lip balms if I'm having a bad lip day. I've tried the dupe cube lip balms from the brand Balmi in the past and even though I love the product the packaging always annoyed me, so I was really excited to see the original one with a different and much better packaging.

The packaging is an adorable light and dark pink in stripes which is nice and girly and instead of being a cube it's a oval instead making is easier to use and hold. My main trouble with the cube ones is I could never get the lid of properly and would ruin the product but with the oval one I can which has really impressed me.

The scent of the product is lovely it's a really strong coconut which smells lovely, it's not to overpowering but is strong enough to make you keep going back for one last sniff. The lip balm goes on well and is easy to smooth into the lips without leaving to much of a sticky residue or without leaving to much of a shine, with is always a plus.

It works really well for a lip balm and the packaging is extremely cute, it is an American branded product but I've been seeing the dupe for the product a lot in the UK called Balmi which is a cube version off the EOS balm and is around the £5 mark at Boots.

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The Body Shop Satsuma Hand Cream

As you may all be aware now my favorite scent is orange/citrus and I adore any products with the scent and will most buy or own them. While I was Christmas shopping in The Body Shop I came across there Satsuma Hand Cream and of course picked up the little tube of joy!

The scent is really strong and once smoothed onto my hands it tends to linger and stay smelling really strong for a good hour or two which I love. It smooths into the hands with no troubles and sinks in nicely leaving you with soft pampered hands with no sticky residue. I always love the handy tubes as they are the perfect handbag sized tubes that fit into any sized bag, they always seems easier to use as well as you just need to squeeze the tube a little to get a small pea sized blob of cream which is enough to cover my hands nicely.

The 30ml tube is available in stores or online for £3.50 which is a perfect price to pay for such a lovely scented hand cream!

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Zoya Neve Nail Varnish

My first ever polish from the brand Zoya and I must say it's one of my favorite nail varnish's in my collection, mainly due to the colour and the look of the polish on the nails. I got this polish in a recent box swap so I'm not sure on prices or where to get the product from, but if anyone knows where to get the range from then let me know!

The shade is from the Satin and Cashmere range so it's a nice glittery and glossy shade which I like a lot, the overall colour you get is a really deep blue with subtle hints of purple. In certain lights my nails looked quite purple and then in others they looks like a denim blue which I loved a lot. The shade got a lot of compliments from people and the glittery effect looked lovely in the certain lights.

The polish lasted on my nails for around 3 days which isn't to long for a polish as it did start to chip of day one but as it's such a nice shade I don't mind one bit. The small bottle is the perfect size to add to my collection and it's simple design looks nice among the other nail polishes with a really nice simple silver logo and plain bottle it's quite a nice chic design.

If anyone knows of any dupes or any store that stock Zoya let me know as I would love to view the rest of the collection!

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Ciate Talent Scout

This is my second ever nail polish from the brand Ciate and I've not been let down, the name of the product is Talent Scout which I always love how Ciate have such nice names for there product's unlike most other brands which either copy each other or come up with rude names which are not suitable for anyone under the age of 16!

Talent Scout is a deep dark purple ideal for winter I used two coats and got a really nice rich purple with a nice glossy coat. It lasted on my nails an impressive 6 days before I needed to remove as it had got to chipped but it did impressed me with it's 6 day wear.

The Ciate range is available online from around £8 upwards and comes in a great range off colours, have your tried out Talent Scout what did you think of the product?

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Rimmel Provocalips - Liitle Minx

I've recently seen quite a few reviews for the Rimmel Provocalips 16 hour wear kiss proof lip colour and was really happy to see some in my local store. If the reviews hadn't been good I wouldn't off picked one up as the price is £7.99 which is a bit much for a lip gloss, but as the reviews has all be positive I went for the nice pink shade.

There are 8 shades in total and the product claims to be a 16 hour wear transfer and food proof and oh course kiss proof, it also states to be a highly moisturising product which doesn't dry the lips out. Sounds pretty awesome right, it's a good job I agree!

The packaging is cute and girly with two 4ml tubes attached to a double ended wand for applying the lip gloss, with kissed stained one end and the colour of the product the other you can't really go wrong with the packaging, The product has an odd scent as the colour doesn't smell to nice a bit like plastic but then the clear end has a nice fruity scent which was odd to me but once on the lips you can only really smell the fruity scent which is good.

Now for the important part did it have all the quality's it boasted about having!? I tested the kiss proof out on my little brother by giving him a big jammy kiss on his cheek and there was no transfer lucky for him, the food transfer I tested with a lunch off soup and bread and the product managed to stay on throughout my meal which really impressed me. It left my lips moisturised and made them feel nice and soft which is great as you don't want a product on your lips for 16 hours if it's going to dry them out and make them look horrid and chipped.

The colour was great a nice shocking pink for nights out and when I'm feeling a bit more outgoing, it did last all day on my lips as well and at the end of the night when it came to taking my make up off it was still going strong which I loved. It states you will need an oil based cleanser to remove the product so I tested it out with my Bioderma and my Liz Earle cleanser and they both pretty much got it off with a bit of scrubbing.

Overall I was highly impressed with the product and would really recommend it as they have enough colours in the collection for you to defiantly find one you love! Let me know if you do pick one up and if you find it as impressive as I did.

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