Perfume Overload!

This Christmas I received quite a few perfume's which I was rather happy about two of them were big bottles and the other's were roller balls. I've never really been into perfume I've always grown up with one scent and stuck to it never branching out, but this year I have brought and reviewed quite a few and I'm quite happy with all the new scents I have.

Vera Wang - Be Jeweled 
The first thing you will notice is the fantastic bottle design, I adore the design! It has a rough cut bottle with all sorts of sides that don't really match up and then a adorable jewel neck again with all different sized jewels and then a cute pink lid. The scent is fruity floral which as I would describe as a glamorous girly scent.

Elizabeth Arden - Untold
I first got this product is my Glossybox and fell in love with the scent so for Christmas is what one of the first things on my list I couldn't wait to get my hands on the full sized goodie! It has a really nice mature floral scent and comes in a lovely bottle.

River Island - RollerBalls
My favorite style of perfume is Rollerballs so I was rather excited to get the River Island ones for Christmas. I got four different scents all name after cities apart from one which is simply called RI, which scent is fruity and quite strong. Then we have NYC which is a dulled down fruity scent, then there's London my favorite a really nice floral scent and lastly Paris a lovely girly sweet floral scent.

I also received the Jelly Belly Roller Balls and you can see my review here!

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