Lush Rudolph Face Mask Review

This month's weather has been a terror for my skin my face is dry and I have way to many blemishes, so I visited my favorite store to pick up a face mask to use. I came away with a Christmas themed mask known as Rudolph. It may seem sweet with it's nice name but it's quite a touch little mask with some impressive ingredients.

It's main ingredients are  Cucumber, Tofu and Oatmeal while being scented with Lavender. Because it has such thick ingredients it makes the mask quite tough to put on your face so I added a small bit of water to make it into a paste making it easier to place onto my face. The mask states to leave it on for 5-10 minutes I found it was quite a harsh mask for my skin so I left it on for 5 minutes then removed.

The mask cost £5.50 for a small pot, I'm not to sure if I would purchase it again as I found it didn't agree with my skin but it is still a lovely face mask which does include a cherry to place on your nose!


  1. I love the name, and the cherry is a cute extra but it does look really hard to work with, I'm not surprised you had to add a bit of water to apply it to your face, I can't see how it would work otherwise. :O

    Juyey xx

  2. That face mask looks pretty cool, but I doubt it would really work with my skin either.