Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Hello welcome to my New Year post! I was reading Sprinkle of Glitter's post A year in the glitter world 2013 and thought it was a fantastic idea so I've decided to do one myself. It will just be a countdown of all the months and what happened for me!

To start the year of I had a loss, my cat Misty who has been in my family for 10 years after we rescued her from cats protection. It was heartbreaking to lose her and there are times now when I still cry and have moments because she is no longer here and able to share moments of my life.

This month I had got my life on track with some disastrous decisions for work I had finally found a job I felt stable in and was happy in. I also took an interest in blogging and started following some well known blogs, as well as following there youtube channels.

Was the month I began Blogging and launch Beauty, Bits and Bobs! It was a great month of Blogging and joining in on Twitter chats. I also took out a subscription for Glossybox and  starting of my blog with Glossybox reviews!

Was the year of gigs for me, I saw quite a few live bands and was going back and forth to Birmingham I practically lived there in April. I saw amazing bands like Taking Hayley, We Are Saviours and Page 44.

I celebrated my 22nd birthday by going to the Cotswold Zoo, I love going as it's such a great place for all ages. My favorite place is the bat cave as its always pretty cool seeing all the bats flying around in there little dark cave!

I went to Helsinki! Which was amazing I was so excited to go and it definitely lived up to expectations, I only went for 4 nights but I was able to do everything I wanted in those days and was also able to treat  myself to a lovely shopping trip at the two large shopping centres they have there.

July and August
This summer I had a nice relaxing one as I had already had my holiday for me it was about blogging and shopping as much as possible. As well as topping up my tan!

I went to my first ever fashion show AW13 Style Birmingham, it was amazing and all the goodies bags were great to! But I also got to meet Brix Smith who I love as she is so sweet and honest.
It was also my Blogs 6 month birthday, I was quite pleased with getting to my 6 month mark as when I started I was concerned with how people would accept me but so far it has been great.

I celebrated Halloween my favorite season and time of the year, I love Autumn trends and wearing thick clothing. I also booked my holiday to Paris and started to plan all the places I was going to be visiting!

Was Bonfire night, I went to a great display which had a fair, some food stands and some amazing fireworks displays it was a great evening out.

I started and completed Blogmas on my blog which I was really happy and pleased with, I also celebrated Christmas with my family and had a great day out to Minehead with my sister. It was also a month and meals and getting rather fat!

I hope you had a fantastic year and I can't wait to be going to Paris in a week and celebrating my one year birthday on my blog. Have a Happy New Year and see you soon!


  1. You did so much with your year :) I didn't do a lot last year, there were things but not this many. This year, though, already got much more in the pipeline!

  2. What a great year!! Seems it just got better and better as the year went on! All the best for 2014 x

  3. Happy new year hon! You had a really busy 2013, it's cool you went to the A/W fash show and met Brix, she's always so upbeat. I'd love to go into a bat cave that sounds awesome!

  4. Looks like you had a fab year..i cant lie but im glad to see the back of 2013!! Hope you have an equally good 2014 as well!!

  5. Looks like you had a great year. Sorry to hear about your Cat, its always sad to lose a family pet :(

    Wishing you lots of luck for 2014!

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