Blogmas Day Twenty One - Lush Secret Santa Review

Welcome to day Twenty One of Blogmas not know left now, hopefully you are all sorted and enjoying December as much as me!

Today's post is a Lush review of Secret Santa which I kind of really a bit left down as for £5.95 you get two bath bombs which would be fantastic if I could break into the house! Which unfortunately I couldn't and ended up breaking the whole bath bomb including the little secret red thing (which I couldn't make out) meaning I got so annoyed I dropped the whole thing in the bath and got in.

The colour of the bath was nice it went a lovely orange colour and it had a nice citrus scent, I was impressed with the colour of the water a lot as it was such a nice shade and the over all design on the bomb was lovey and well detailed but I just won't be purchasing it again. Has anyone else had trouble getting into the Secret Santa bath bomb?

Today in my Boots Calendar I got a Botanics heat protection hair serum, which looks good can't wait to use it.

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  1. I loved the secret santa bath bomb when I brought it! But I couldn't get santa out of the grotto too :(